1. Canvas, Publishing a course
  2. Canvas, Publishing a quiz
  3. Illinois Compass 2g, How to change student's availability in a course
  4. Illinois Compass 2g, Setting course availability
  5. Kaltura, Make a video available for downloading
  6. Office 365, Email, Exchange, OWA, How to make a signature
  7. Remote Access, Turning your mobile phone into a wireless hotspot for your computer
  8. Skype for Business, How to Make a Call on Behalf of a Response Group
  9. Skype for Business, Make and receive a video call
  10. Skype for Business, Make and Receive a Video Call
  11. Skype for Business, Make and receive calls
  12. Webstore, Using a CFOP/Banner account to make a purchase
  13. Webstore, Using a Student Account to make a Purchase
  14. WebStore, What should I do if I receive "Well, this is embarrassing...when trying to make a WebStore purchase.