1. UIUC AnyWare: Overview
  2. Tech Services, Service Management Office, Change Management Documentation
  3. Endpoint Security, CrowdStrike, Management Models [Campus login required]
  4. Tech Services, Service Management Office, SSL Certificate Best Practices
  5. Online Learning, Campus Learning Management Systems
  6. Identity Management, Active Directory, How to Change Display Name for Faculty/Staff
  7. Identity Management, Staff, NetID transfer from another campus
  8. CrashPlan/Code42, Overview, Features, Management & Requirements
  9. Identity Management, Changing your NetID
  10. Tech Services, Service Management Office, Published Service Level Agreements
  11. Identity Management, Exchange Email after Retirement
  12. Identity Management, Affiliations, Emeritus faculty
  13. Identity Management, Requirements for Acceptable Passwords
  14. Identity Management, Leave of Absence due to Foreign Military Service
  15. Identity Management, Deactivation, Information for students studying abroad
  16. Identity Management, NetID character rules
  17. Identity Management, Deactivation, Why was my account deactivated or disabled when I switched from student to staff member?
  18. Identity Management, What is my NetID?
  19. Identity Management, Sponsored NetIDs
  20. Identity Management, Affiliations, Student NetIDs and Roles [Campus login required]
  21. Identity Management, Leaving Campus for Faculty and Staff
  22. Identity Management, Deactivation, Services available after Graduation
  23. Identity Management, Tools, Cerebro Overview
  24. Identity Management. Deactivation, Service continuation for graduates who continue UIUC affiliation
  25. UIUC AnyWare - General Purpose Desktops - Saving, Uploading, and Downloading Files with OneDrive
  26. cPanel, Working with files in your cPanel site
  27. Zoom, What type of information is approved to share in a Zoom meeting?
  28. Zoom, Import Meeting into Compass or Moodle (LTI)
  29. Active Directory, Group Policy Objects
  30. Networking, IPAM, Documentation for IT Professionals
  31. cPanel, SSH, SCP, and SFTP access
  32. Password Registrar, How to become or renew a NetID Password Registrar
  33. UIUC AnyWare, Uploading and Downloading Files
  34. WebStore, Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Software Release
  35. Authorization Manager, Managing Groups and Folders
  36. UIUC AnyWare, Using Local Devices
  37. TEM, Resource Page and Support
  38. WebStore, Microsoft 2019 Product release
  39. Guests, Creation, VPN Information for IT Professionals