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1**** Technology Services, No Change Periods51221University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-149293
2*** LAS Framework - Content Page74835University of Illinois LAS2022-02-033260
3*** LAS Framework - Hero Image102094University of Illinois LAS2022-09-132381
4*** Technology Services, Zoom Changelog101383University of Illinois Technology Services2023-01-108751
5Canvas, Instructors, How to delete, edit, rename or adjust rosters for a space request49371University of Illinois Technology Services2022-12-146666
6U of I Box, Box Sync, Shib error when setting up55701University of Illinois Technology Services2022-12-074755
7Standard Operating Procedure for Thermogravimetric Analysis - Instrument decommissioned.98380School of Chemical Sciences
8SCS Accident and Injury Response98557School of Chemical Sciences
9Illinois Compass 2g, Updating Lynda links to LinkedIn Learning98128University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-202152
10Mobius View - Printing81299University of Illinois System2022-03-2712225
11Networking, IPAM, Documentation for IT Professionals56770University of Illinois Technology Services2017-06-166879
12Using Your Lync Phone56595University of Illinois LAS2015-09-215562
13Client Services Support, Remote Work IT Guidelines98687University of Illinois Technology Services2020-03-113224
14Departmental Classrooms, Chemistry Annex 201278585University of Illinois Technology Services2023-01-263430
15Shibboleth, Logging out of individual web applications with Shibboleth58105University of Illinois Technology Services2021-11-0110866
16BeyondTrust (Bomgar) – How to Download and Login to BeyondTrust (Bomgar) Representative Console55006University of Illinois System2022-10-1727689
17Webstore, Purchasing 2FA tokens during Covid19101666University of Illinois Technology Services2022-03-292738
18Illinois Compass 2g, Missing Rubrics55697University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-204226
19How to Determine who Originated an Employee's Timesheet [Campus login required]56106University of Illinois System2022-02-210
20ATLAS Scheduler - Print Classroom Schedule61307University of Illinois LAS2019-11-154563

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