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1Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using the Tiny MCE Text Editor71424University of Illinois LAS2021-07-159439
2Learn@Illinois Moodle - Using the Atto HTML Text Editor105990University of Illinois LAS2021-07-091954
3ATLAS Web Framework - Drupal formatting toolbar70112University of Illinois LAS2020-03-065220
4ATLAS Gradebook - Adding a point total category51883University of Illinois LAS2015-09-232856
5MICROANALYSIS - Elemental Analysis Method for CHN via CHN/O/S Elemental Analyzer CHN44098481School of Chemical Sciences
6Records Management - Preparing Records for Storage94900University of Illinois System2021-11-302186
7Learn@Illinois Moodle - Creating Subgroups79557University of Illinois LAS2021-07-212971
8LabCheck Instructions105329Engineering IT
Shared Services
9How Do I View Ticket Details in TDNext?109040University of Illinois System2021-04-091407
10Learn@Illinois Moodle - Auto-creating Groups89472University of Illinois LAS2020-10-192369
11ATLAS Reporting - Glossary for Math Course Sequence Performance and Student Outcome Dashboards82579University of Illinois LAS2018-07-022890
12Clean Address History [Campus login required]77565University of Illinois System2017-11-060
13ATLAS Gradebook - Summing scores in an assignment category51928University of Illinois LAS2015-09-232988
14WindowsHotkeyShortcuts.docx [Attachment file]112237Answers @ ACES2021-07-12NA
15Echo 360 - Getting a Video's Public or Embeddable Link81704Engineering IT
Shared Services
16ECHO 360 - Publishing Content to a Course or Individual81691Engineering IT
Shared Services
17ECHO 360 - Viewing Live Classes (Instructors)81734Engineering IT
Shared Services
18ECHO 360 - Viewing Live Classes (Students)81735Engineering IT
Shared Services
19Uploading a Presentation81283Engineering IT
Shared Services
20ECHO 360 - Viewing Content in the Classroom (for Instructors)81731Engineering IT
Shared Services

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