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1University Bursar - When will my UI-Pay Payment Plan payments post to my student account?92449University of Illinois System2023-09-116421
2University Bursar - When are the Payment Plan enrollment deadlines?90470University of Illinois System2023-11-01121420
3University Bursar - Is my payment plan covered by insurance?106597University of Illinois System2023-09-116826
4University Bursar - What happens to my UI-Pay Payment Plan if I withdraw from school?92568University of Illinois System2023-09-015577
5University Bursar - What charges are eligible to be included in a UI-Pay Payment Plan?92448University of Illinois System2023-09-1111245
6University Bursar - How do I rebalance my UI-Pay Payment Plan budget?92572University of Illinois System2023-09-1113368
7University Bursar - What happens if I fail a UI-Payment Plan payment?92563University of Illinois System2023-04-2110501
8University Bursar - How can I access my UI-Pay Payment Plan information?92569University of Illinois System2023-11-1710310
9University Bursar - How do I estimate my UI-Pay Payment Plan budget?92571University of Illinois System2023-09-2015813
10University Bursar - How do I change my payment method on OnPlanU (Flywire)122984University of Illinois System2023-11-27923
11University Bursar - How do I use my 529 College Savings Plan to pay my student account?104025University of Illinois System2023-09-114942
12University Bursar - How do I activate an offer on OnPlanU (Flywire)?122978University of Illinois System2023-11-271348
13University Bursar - What is OnPlanU (Flywire™)?90476University of Illinois System2023-10-258140
14University Bursar - What if I am unable to pay my bill and leave school still owing a balance on my student account?91079University of Illinois System2023-09-016065
15University Bursar - What are the requirements to enroll in a UI-Pay Payment Plan?131336University of Illinois System2023-09-112526
16University Bursar - How do I enroll in the UI-Pay Payment Plan?92560University of Illinois System2023-09-08124528
17University Bursar - Can I cancel the UI-Pay Payment Plan once I have enrolled?92567University of Illinois System2023-02-2214748
18University Bursar - How much do I owe?90452University of Illinois System2023-09-119373

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