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1*** How do I protect my Zoom sessions?99814UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-044370
2*** How do I access W-2 and other tax forms for current and terminated or retired employees?75468UIC Technology Solutions2020-02-181699
3How do I let a student re-submit an assignment in Blackboard?75698UIC Technology Solutions2020-09-161148
4How do I subscribe to a UIC Alert regional site notification list for Peoria and Rockford?99324UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-21235
5Who is my college iThenticate administrator?90417UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-192704
6How can I access iThenticate?82926UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-192591
7What happen if I cannot return my equipment on the due date?91978UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-191095
8What is role-based access control (RBAC) for Azure resources?94595UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-191856
9How can I set or reset my PIN for HR Services?95376UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-19802
10Who do I contact to add, change, or remove a phone line?83447UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-19690
11When should Asynchronous Instruction be considered?104649UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-19125
12What are some advantages and disadvantages of Asynchronous Learning?104646UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-19332
13How can I request iCard access to UIC buildings?83120UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-191299
14Where do students go to see the responses to quizzes in Blackboard?95621UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-19911
15How can I use inaccessible question types (e.g., matrix) in Qualtrics?91966UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-191060
16How do I resync my NetID password?108133UIC Technology Solutions2021-01-0497
17How do I access ADNS File Shares?93070UIC Technology Solutions2020-12-281152
18How can I login to Qualtrics Support Center?92000UIC Technology Solutions2020-12-281510
19How Do I Reserve a Classroom or Technology Solutions Lab?90564UIC Technology Solutions2020-12-28794
20How do I request a pager?91289UIC Technology Solutions2020-12-281413

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