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1Networking, Lens API, RESTful LENS API Object Types48347University of Illinois Technology Services2017-06-095176
2Networking, Lens API Quick Start Guide47895University of Illinois Technology Services2021-10-0411235
3Networking, Lens API, password48378University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-195678
4Networking, Lens API, vlan48382University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196537
5Networking, Lens API, ip_mac48357University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196402
6Networking, Lens API, mac_port48376University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196142
7Networking, Lens API, subnet48380University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196046
8Networking, Lens API, interface_vlan48356University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196172
9Networking, Lens API, interface48355University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196614
10Shibboleth, For IT Pros: Understanding Shibboleth Terms59068University of Illinois Technology Services2023-06-207174
11KnowledgeBase - What are the different System Offices roles and responsibilities?62402University of Illinois System2023-04-257742
12UAFR - Equipment Management Glossary119320UI Training and Development Resources2023-04-241801
13UAFR - Journal Voucher Processing Glossary124364UI Training and Development Resources2023-04-24402
14BACP – Certified Business Administrator Path124284UI Training and Development Resources2023-09-132151
15Scanning Records - Should I Scan?92902University of Illinois System2023-08-215720
16UAFR - FABweb Batch Upload Common Entry Errors120050UI Training and Development Resources2023-08-07384
17TeamDynamix - Transfer Hub overview and instructions110994University of Illinois System2023-07-183543
18Teams: Skype to Teams Transition Overview128622UI College of Veterinary Medicine2023-07-14793
19Teams Transition overview for SCS, ChBE and Chemistry129575School of Chemical Sciences
20Teams, Presence and Privacy Features124377University of Illinois Technology Services2023-06-21444

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