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1EDDIE - My UI Financials Reports Won't Open126984University of Illinois System2023-03-3019
2UAFR - Running the Encumbrance Balances Report120105UI Training and Development Resources2023-03-27536
3UAFR - Running the Asset/Liability Statement120104UI Training and Development Resources2023-03-27561
4UAFR - Running the Revenue/Expense Transactions Report120107UI Training and Development Resources2023-03-27563
5Grants and Contracts - Running the Revenue/Expense Statements119617UI Training and Development Resources2023-03-27574
6UAFR - Running the Asset/Liability Transactions Report120106UI Training and Development Resources2023-03-27546
7UAFR - Introduction to Banner & Finance I120507UI Training and Development Resources2023-02-28401
8KnowledgeBase - Measuring KB usage with Google Analytics101306University of Illinois System2023-02-182520
9EDDIE - Running Standard and Solution Library Reports47957University of Illinois System2023-02-164694
10EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Formatting Reports to Export to Excel52656University of Illinois System2023-02-1610747
11EDDIE - Saving Standard Reports to your Personal Folder in EDDIE41890University of Illinois System2023-02-164637
12EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Scheduling Reports52657University of Illinois System2023-02-169735
13Data Warehouse - Data Availability35862University of Illinois System2023-02-134780
14EDDIE - Finance Report Job Aids & Training Materials50366University of Illinois System2023-02-134325
15EDDIE - Inventory or Fixed Assets Reports35808University of Illinois System2023-02-134841
16EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Access - University Documents/Standard Reports/Canned Reports50772University of Illinois System2023-02-134950
17UAFR - Introduction to Banner and Finance II120508UI Training and Development Resources2023-02-08380
18Ability LMS - Reports116579UI Training and Development Resources2023-02-061348
19**** ATLAS Data Services Center - Homepage122967University of Illinois LAS2023-01-24237
20ATLAS Data Services Center - Introduction to the User Profile122995University of Illinois LAS2023-01-24194

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