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1SHIELD FAQ - Are test results being shared with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)? Is there any other information being shared?110317University of Illinois System2021-04-21232
2SHIELD FAQ - Does SHIELD inform the patient if a positive result is one of the COVID variants?110316University of Illinois System2021-04-21161
3SHIELD FAQ - If a patient wants more information about their positive test result from SHIELD, what should they do?110315University of Illinois System2021-05-25201
4SHIELD FAQ - If a person tests positive after testing positive 60 days prior, should they quarantine?110314University of Illinois System2021-04-21165
5SHIELD FAQ - What should a person do if they test positive, negative, and then positive again?110313University of Illinois System2021-04-21154
6SHIELD FAQ - If a person receives a positive with the SHIELD COVID test and a negative from a nasal PCR test, which one should they trust?110312University of Illinois System2021-04-21159
7SHIELD FAQ - Is there a possibility a positive result from the SHIELD COVID test could be a mistake?110311University of Illinois System2021-04-21186
8SHIELD FAQ - If a person receives a positive result from the SHIELD COVID test, should they go and receive another test from another provider?110310University of Illinois System2021-04-21166
9SHIELD FAQ - Does this test differentiate between live and dead virus?110307University of Illinois System2021-04-21135
10SHIELD FAQ - Does the SHIELD COVID test show if someone has antibodies as well as the live virus?110306University of Illinois System2021-04-21158
11SHIELD FAQ - What day after infection does a person usually start showing symptoms? When do they start to shedding the virus?110304University of Illinois System2021-04-21140
12SHIELD FAQ - Can the SHIELD COVID test catch active infection before infectiousness? What day does the SHIELD COVID test begin to pick up the virus after infection?110303University of Illinois System2021-04-21136
13SHIELD FAQ - Should someone continue testing after they are fully vaccinated?110294University of Illinois System2021-04-21167
14SHIELD FAQ - Can anyone take this test at home?110293University of Illinois System2021-04-21161
15SHIELD FAQ - Is any DNA kept or analyzed as part of this test?110292University of Illinois System2021-04-21190
16SHIELD FAQ - Who all sees the patient's test results?110286University of Illinois System2021-04-21168
17SHIELD FAQ - What are the possible test results one could receive from their test?110285University of Illinois System2021-04-21162
18SHIELD FAQ - How long will it take to receive test results, and how will someone be notified of their results?110284University of Illinois System2021-04-21151
19Safer Illinois, Viewing your Test Results105204University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-063184
20How to run a NOVA Test104544UI College of Veterinary Medicine2020-08-03902

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