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1Qualtrics, Survey Security Settings127311University of Illinois Technology Services2023-04-19149
2Tech Services, Customer Satisfaction Survey, TDX Survey Request Email112417University of Illinois Technology Services2023-04-111768
3Qualtrics - Using a "Collaboration Code" to share a survey127638Answers @ ACES2023-05-05221
4Learn@Illinois Moodle - Survey Activity78170University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173359
5Illinois Compass 2g, Viewing survey data47386University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-206400
6Illinois Compass 2g, Creating and Editing a Test or Survey49834University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-2010583
7Canvas, Creating a Survey112431University of Illinois Technology Services2021-07-201454
8Illinois Compass 2g, Deploying Tests and Surveys49835University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-2020488
9Learn@Illinois Moodle - Surveying your Students74571University of Illinois LAS2021-08-264359
10Learn@Illinois Moodle - Questionnaire Activity78152University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173789
11Learn@Illinois Moodle - Feedback Activity78122University of Illinois LAS2023-03-173591
12Email, Guidelines and best practices for sending bulk mail78062University of Illinois Technology Services2023-03-079930
13Learn@Illinois Moodle - Activities and Resources Help77613University of Illinois LAS2023-04-204585
14Qualtrics: Creating an account in the UIUC site license124621Answers @ ACES2023-03-071141
15Illinois Compass 2g, Assessing Student Work49817University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-204777
16Learn@Illinois Moodle - Choosing a Student Response Tool77961University of Illinois LAS2023-03-134507
17Qualtrics: joining the UIUC campus mailing list70020Answers @ ACES2021-01-252792
18Research IT, About Research IT Services101676University of Illinois Technology Services2021-02-262035
19Webtools, Technical Assistance74495University of Illinois Technology Services2023-01-105063

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