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1Technology Services, Zoom Changelog101383University of Illinois Technology Services2024-07-0911640
2Shibboleth, What is it?47660University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-1423641
3Shibboleth, Authorization and Shibboleth48435University of Illinois Technology Services2022-05-0419150
4Shibboleth, Multi-university configuration48456University of Illinois Technology Services2022-06-0913570
5Business Administrator Path124284UI Training and Development Resources2024-06-285077
6TeamDynamix, Collaborative Board/Global Admin Board Decisions115134University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-254425
7UAFR - Overview of Banner Program Codes & NACUBO Functions119518UI Training and Development Resources2024-04-026971
8Amazon Web Services, VPC Guide for Illinois71015University of Illinois Technology Services2023-06-1545140
9Digital Measures: Introduction109515UI Gies College of Business2021-03-042026
10University Bursar - What is the Student Money Management Center (SMMC)?128423University of Illinois System2024-07-121183
11TDX, U of I Main Advisory Group Charter131817University of Illinois Technology Services2024-07-01961
12Illinois App, Rokwire94860University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-178748
13Teams, Security, Caller ID spoofing62646University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-146748
14HRFE - New hires deletes44801University of Illinois System2024-06-116318
15University Bursar - How do I claim tuition fees on my taxes if I am Canadian?137211University of Illinois System2024-05-17506
16Networking, Guide to University of Illinois IP Spaces47572University of Illinois Technology Services2024-05-1441410
17AITS - Service Desk - TDX - Adding a New Group to a Transfer Hub110996University of Illinois System2024-05-093318
18AITS - KB Admin - KnowledgeBase - About the University of Illinois KB59801University of Illinois System2024-05-0736157
19Identity Management, Single Sign-On Platforms132408University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-12904
20UAFR - Self-supporting Funds Entering a Budget Estimate120458UI Training and Development Resources2024-04-021727
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