System HR - Know Your U Activity Recording Job Aid

Know Your U Activity Recording Job Aid

Logging into AbilityLMS

Eligible employees should record their Know Your U activities using the AblilityLMS learning management system. Employees can access AbilityLMS by going to Click on the ‘Sign In’ button and log in with your university Netid and Password.


Recording and Monitoring Activities

Eligible employees will see a Know Your U tile after logging in. The tile allows employees to record an activity, view activities, and monitor the number of hours spent on various activities.

  1. Click on “Record Activities” to enter a particular activity.
  2. Click on “View Activities” to view activities.
  3. As activities and associated hours are added, the accumulation should be reflected on the tile.

Once activities are entered that accumulate up to 8 or more hours, the tile will indicated that more activities may not be added. This will then reset on August 16 of each year.


Recording an Activity

  1. Click on the ‘Record Activities’ link in the tile.
  1. Within the Add Activity window, choose the appropriate category from the drop down list.

After selecting a category

  1. Enter the name or title of the activity
  2. Select an optional start date
  3. Select a required completed date
  4. Enter the number of hours you spent on the activity. This is required and time should be recorded in 15 minute increments. For example, 1 hour 15 minutes should be entered as 1.25.

Documents related to the activity can be optionally uploaded.

  1. Click on the Choose File button
  2. Select the document you wish to upload
  3. Click the Next button

Viewing Activities and Documents

  1. Go to the home dashboard by click ‘Home’ in the upper menu.
  1. Find the “Know Your U” tile and click View Activities.
    1. Click on the name of the activity you wish to review.
    2. To see any associated documents, click on the Documents tab on the Activity Home Page
    3. Click on the document name to download the file

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