TeamDynamix, How do I Add Attachments to a Ticket in TDNext?

This job aid uses default terms and forms as examples to illustrate how to use specific functions and complete tasks within TDNext. Your unit’s configuration of TDNext may differ from what you see in this job aid. Please consult your unit-specific training material and/or your unit administrator for questions or clarifications.

Terms and Definitions

Incident – An ITIL term used to describe an unplanned interruption to an IT Service or a reduction in the quality of an IT Service.

Responsible Group or Individual – A TDX term used to describe the person or persons (group) responsible for proper execution for getting the job done.

Classification – A TDX term used to refer to different kinds of tickets, such as Incident, Service Request, Problem, Change, etc.

Type – A term used to refer to various ticket types that are determined and set up by the user’s unit. Types refer to specific topic areas for tickets within Categories (for example, Category would be "Communication and Collaboration," but the Type would be "Email and Calendar"). Ticket Types can also be associated with specific SLAs, Time Types, and Expense Accounts.

For more TDX terms and definitions, please refer to the Glossary.

TeamDynamix allows you to add attachments to your tickets in the ticketing application. The attachments system supports file uploads from a computer or attaching external documents from other file hosting services. For detailed information about file requirements and size limits for attachments, see the TDX knowledge base article Attachments in TeamDynamix.

The attachments function does not currently provide information about attachments in the ticket Feed area. If you delete an attachment, TDNext does not currently note this in the ticket Feed or anywhere else, and the attachment is permanently deleted.

This job aid covers the following topics:

Adding an Attachment Using the +Add Button

  1. Open the ticket you want to edit by clicking on the ticket ID number or ticket Title.

  2. In the Details window, click the +Add button at the top of the ticket.

    Details Window

  3. Click the Attachment option.

    Attachment Option Window

  4. In the Add Attachments browser window, select the source from which you want to add your attachment.

    NOTE: The options in the Add Attachments window will vary based on your unit’s or organization’s configuration. Select the option that is appropriate for your task. In this example, "from your computer” is selected. Only one file may be attached at a time using this method.

    Add Attachment Window

  5. In the Add Attachments > Select Attachments window, click the Browse button to search for a document on your computer or shared folders and files.

    Select Attachments Window

  6. Once you have selected the desired file to attach, click the Upload button in the Add Attachments window.

    Add Attachment Window

    NOTE: If you wish to replace any existing attachments that have the same name as the new attachment, click the check box next to Overwrite existing files with the same name. A notice will appear at the top of the Add Attachments window stating that your file upload was successful. You may also add more attachments to the ticket using the Add Attachments window after successfully adding each attachment.

  7. When you are finished adding attachments to the ticket, click the X in the upper right corner to close the Add Attachments

    NOTE: The attachment(s) will appear in the ticket Details window.

    Close Add Attachment Window

Adding an Attachment Using the Update Feature

  1. Open the ticket you want to edit by clicking on the ticket ID number or ticket Title.

  2. Click the Actions button on the menu bar at the top of the ticket.

  3. Click the Update button.

  4. In the Update Incident window, scroll down to the Attachments field.

    Update Incident Window

  5. In the Attachment(s) field, click the Search icon at the right.

    Search Attachments Field

  6. In the Attachment Lookup window, click the Browse button to search for a document on your computer or shared folders and files.

    Attachment Lookup Window

  7. Select the item you want to attach, then clickOpen.

    NOTE:The file you selected appears in the Browse field under Add New Attachment(s) in the Attachment Lookup window.

  8. Click Upload.

    NOTE:A note appears at the top of the Attachment Lookup window stating that the Files uploaded successfully. The file now appears in a list belowthe Browse field with a check box to the left. You canadd multiple files in this list by repeating Steps 5 – 7 above.

    Attachment Lookup Window

  9. Click the check box(es)next to the item(s) you want to attach to the ticket.

  10. Click the Insert Checked button at the top of the window.

    NOTE: The upload window closes, and you return to the ticket update window. The attached items appear in the Attachment(s) field in the ticket Details.

    Ticket Update Window

  11. Click the Save button in the top left corner to save your updates.

    NOTE: You must make a comment in the Comments box before the ticket will allow you to save it. The attachment(s) now show in the ticket Details window.

    Ticket Details Window

  12. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the ticket.

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