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AITS - Service Desk - TDX - Adding a New Group to a Transfer Hub

Units are encouraged to join the appropriate Transfer Hub as part of their TeamDynamix onboarding process unless they present a business case that warrants against it.

For your unit to share TeamDynamix tickets with other university units and campuses, your unit will need to do the following.

  1. Identify who in your unit will monitor the Transfer Hub for new incoming tickets.   These "transferring technicians" will receive email notifications when a new incoming ticket arrives in the Transfer Hub.  They will be responsible for moving the ticket from the Transfer Hub into your home ticketing application.  Preferably 2-3 people from your unit should be designated.
  2. Provide your list of "transferring technicians" to your TeamDynamix administrator.  The admin will coordinate  the following:
    • Create a new TDX group called Transfer-HubName-GROUP/UNIT and add the transferring technicians for the unit to this new group
    • Add the identified "transferring technicians" to the Outbound Transferring Technicians security role within the Transfer Hub
    • Create a new form called Move to GROUP/UNIT within the Transfer Hub. to allow other TDX users to transfer tickets to your group

Once configured, TeamDynamix technicians at all University of Illinois universities will be able to transfer tickets to your unit.  Your unit's "transferring technicians" will be able to move the tickets from the hub to your home ticketing application so they can be processed to closure.

Adding/removing a "Transferring Technician" for your unit

To change who are the Transferring Technicians for your unit, ask your TeamDynamix administrator.  They will coordinate the updating of the TDX group and the assignment of the Outbound Transferring Technician security role within the appropriate Transfer Hub.

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