Client Services Support, Printers, Connecting to printers on CSSPRINT1

Client Services supported printers are associated with the print server, staff who use these printers can follow these instructions to connect to printers on this server.

    Connecting to a Printer on the new Print Server (CSSPRINT1)

    1. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your desktop
    2. In the Search Bar, type \\ and press Enter (see figure 1)
    3. Windows 10 Start Menu with Search bar open and bold text from step 2 entered.
      Figure 1
    4. A new window will open. In the top right corner, you will see a search bar (see figure 2)
    5. Network Printer list displayed in file explorer window. In the upper right immediately below the help button, a search bar is highlighted in red.
      Figure 2
    6. Enter your department prefix into the search box and press Enter (see figure 3).

    7. The example in figure 3 uses UPAB for University Payroll and Benefits
      Same image as figure 2, but with the prefix UPAB entered in the search bar.
      Figure 3
    8. Locate the printer you want to connect to in the list. Then Right Click on the printer and select Connect… (see figure 4)

    9. Note: It will take a few minutes for the printer to download and install. Please be patient.
      SList of network printers in file explorer are displayed, all with a UPAB prefix. Top computer in list has context menu open with the second option down, 'connect' circled in red.
      Figure 4
      Note: You may be prompted for administrative approval in order to install a printer. If you receive a prompt, either select Yes, or ask your local Client Services Support person for assistance.

    Removing Printers connected to the old Print Server (CHIPRINT2)

    1. Click the Start Button in the lower left corner of your desktop
    2. In the Search Bar, type Control Panel, and select the Control Panel application (see figure 5)
    3. Windows 10 Search Menu is open. In the Search bar are the words 'control panel'. The control panel app is listed in results pane as best match.
      Figure 5
    4. In Control Panel, select Devices and Printers (see figure 6 for icons, see figure 7 for categories)
    5. Control panel image with the 'large icons' view displayed. in the second column, third down, 'devices and printers' is circled red.
      Figure 6

      Control Panel image with 'categories' configuration selected. third category down in the first column is hardware and sound. sub-heading under sound 'view devices and printers'.
      Figure 7

    6. A page will display with all of your connected printers. To remove old printers, right click and select Remove Device. You can identify old printers by looking for the words on chiprint2 at the end of the printer name (see figure 8)
    7. Devices and Printers menu displayed. Second category down is printers.the fourth printer object displays a name ending in 'on chiprint2', this is highlighted and context menu open with 'remove device' circled in red.
      Figure 8

    8. Once you have deleted old printers, you can either proceed to the next section of this document to set your default printer, or close Control Panel

    Setting your Default Printer

    1. Once the new printer(s) has been installed, and old printers have been removed, you will most likely need to reset your default printer in Control Panel (see figures 5 and 6 for navigating to the appropriate menu in Control Panel).
    2. Locate the printer you would like as your default from those available in Devices and Printers. Right click on this printer.
    3. Select Set as default printer from the context menu (see figure 9)
    4. Same control panel window is open. printer ending in 'on' is highlighted. context menu open and 'set as default printer' circled in red.
      Figure 9

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please submit a ticket to the Tech Service Help Desk via . 

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