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Adobe Sign - Are there any guides and tutorials?

These tutorials will walk you through some of the most commonly used features of Adobe Sign.
E-Signatures at the University of Illinois How do I sign an electronic document?  Adobe Sign Tutorials Tips for USCs and Group Admins Adobe Sign Troubleshooting

Before implementing electronic signatures, you must ensure you are in compliance with the OBFS Section 19.4.1 Electronic Signatures policy.

General training

The purpose of this guide is to get you familiar with Adobe Sign and the functionality available to you as a user. This guide covers all the important processes in Adobe Sign and familiarizes you with the user interface. 

Follow along and learn how to organize files in the Document Cloud, share files with other users, obtain signatures quickly and easily, and more.

Tutorials for users

Sending an agreement to a single signer 

 Sending a document for signature is the basic workflow used in Adobe Sign.

Sending an agreement to multiple signers 

Sending an agreement to multiple recipients is almost the same process as sending to one, although you need to define each recipient’s role and place fields specifically for each recipient.

Managing and tracking agreements sent for signatures 

How to manage and track your Adobe Sign agreements once they’ve been sent out for signature.

Modifying a transaction in-flight 

In some cases, an agreement can be edited after it has already been sent out as long as some actions have not been taken by recipients.

Creating a re-usable template 

How to create a template for agreements that are frequently used so all signature fields and data fields are saved.

Setting up your external archive 

How to connect AdobeSign so it automatically sends copies of the fully executed documents to Box.

Signing with a stamp 

For departments that might need to sign with a delegated signature.

Manual delegation of signature 

For signers who need to delegate someone else to sign in their place.

Advanced Features

Sending a document in bulk with Send in Bulk

Sends the same document to many people at once with bulk send CSV file. This is useful for user agreements that need to be updated annually and similar contracts that are the same for everyone signing.

Creating a Webform 

A Webform is a form that you can share or embed on your website for self-service that the end-user can access and fill at any time that will then be sent to you for approval or completion. This could be for on-demand services or for service requests.

Creating custom workflows

Create and manage workflow templates with easy-to-follow send experiences for your users so process steps can be followed consistently every time. Senders using a workflow template are guided through the send process with custom instructions and fields, making the send process easier to use and less prone to errors.

Gigasign: gather a high volume of documents

Gigasign allows you to send, collect, and track documents for signature to thousands of people at the same time. It is designed for high-volume communications with your employees and customers–supporting up to 2,500 recipients with each bulk send. 

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