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Adobe Sign - Are there any tips for Group Admins for managing and creating groups?

Tips for Group Admins for managing and creating groups, finding users in Adobe Sign, fee schedules, and more common troubleshooting tips.
E-Signatures at the University of Illinois How do I sign an electronic document? Adobe Sign Tutorials  Tips for USCs and Group Admins Adobe Sign Troubleshooting

The University is currently using a distributed model to grant access to Adobe Sign. The Unit Security Contact first needs to complete and submit the Adobe Sign Access Request form: Once the USC has completed this form, responsibility for provisioning individual accounts with sending privileges will be granted to the appointed Group Admin. 

Trying to find your Group Admin or see if a group already exists for your unit? Please see our list of Group Admins

I’m a Group Admin, now what?

If you’ve been appointed as Group Admin for your Adobe Sign group, you’ll be responsible for adding users to your group and overseeing the provision of privileges to their accounts. **THIS IS A TWO-STEP PROCESS**

Individuals within your unit or department may contact you directly to be added to the group. It's important to note that only users that need to initiate and send documents through Adobe Sign need to be provided access by the Group Admin. Anyone can sign and receive agreements through Adobe Sign without any further action. 

Remind your users to always use their campus-specific email to log in to Adobe Sign. At this time addresses are NOT supported. They should be prompted to use two-factor authentication and see the University logo at the top of their Adobe Sign dashboard once they are signed in. 

Please check out the "Common Troubleshooting" tips included below! Need more help? Contact the AITS Service Desk.

Common Troubleshooting for USCs and Group Admins:

User not appearing in adobe sign

User getting "Not authorized to send" message

Appropriate uses for adobe sign

What is the cost?

USC responsible for many departments

Adding student users

Setting up external archives

Removing a user from group

Adobe Getting Started Guide

The purpose of this guide is to get you familiar with Adobe Sign and the functionality available to you as a user. This guide covers all the important processes in Adobe Sign and familiarizes you with the user interface. 

Follow along and learn how to organize files in the Document Cloud, share files with other users, obtain signatures quickly and easily, and more.

Setting your group up (For Group Admins after group is created.)

Detailed walkthrough of adding users and granting sending permissions. **THIS IS A TWO-STEP PROCESS**


If a user does not yet appear in the system, please ask the individual to search their email for a set-up email from Adobe Sign. It will either be an email with “Get Started” instructions or an email with instructions for “archiving an existing account”. They will need to follow the instructions in either email in order for their account to be initiated in the system. They can also try to login through with their campus-specific email (, or – no other domains will work) and see if they can get into their University Enterprise account this way. There might be a delay before they appear in the system for you as the group admin, but they should be activated within the hour of them taking these actions.

If the user did not receive the email and is unable to login through, then please send their names and emails to Access Services and support teams can work with individual to resolve the issue.


This is likely due to a provisioning error. Check to see that this user has been successfully added to the group and then review their individual profile to ensure that the relevant privileges have been granted. Adding a user to your group will not automatically provision them with sending privileges and you must go into the user's profile to check the box to allow them to begin sending documents. 


Adobe Sign is intended to help with processes that require “wet” signatures or legal signatures. If you have not already reviewed the recently published OBFS Electronic Signatures guidelines, these guidelines should answer most questions about when Adobe Sign is an appropriate workflow. Not every document needs a legal and binding signature and Adobe Sign might not be right for every case. 


The cost of Adobe Sign is currently free for all departments, but this may change in the future. If a change to the pricing becomes necessary, users will receive a minimum of 30 days notice. 


At this time, please fill out a separate Request for Access form for each department with a unique Group Admin. Usage can be monitored at any time by running a report through the Adobe Sign Dashboard (See: Tutorials). We recommend designating a Group Admin who is internal to each group so there will not be any additional strain on USCs after initial request.


Students users can be added by the designated Group Admin for their home department, although they may not appear in the environment to be added to the group until further action is taken. Students can still sign any document sent to them through Adobe Sign without charge. In addition, if they have Acrobat Pro, they will have some of the basic Sign & Fill functionality.


Please contact the AITS Service Desk for help setting up your group's external archive. External archives are currently only available for groups, not individuals however individual users can view and download their completed agreements from Adobe Sign for 30 days after completion. 


As a group admin, you are able to remove someone from your group whenever you need to due to separation or retirement. Navigate to the Group users list, double click on the name you want to remove, and then on their user profile, scroll to the "Group Membership" section. Double click on your group's name in their Membership section and a blue "Remove" will appear above the group name. Click "Remove". Make sure to save your changes.

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