GitHub Shared Service - How Do I Add and Remove Users to a GitHub Organization?

This article describes the process for adding users to and removing users from a U of I GitHub organization

How to add and remove users to a GitHub organization as an organization owner

Adding Users to a GitHub organization

Follow the steps below to add members to your organization:

  1. Click on the People tab of your GitHub page.People Tab
  2. Click the green “Invite member” button in the upper right corner.
    Invite Member
  3. Enter the user’s university email address. While it is also possible to invite users based on their GitHub user id, using their university email address helps to ensure you are inviting the correct user.
  4. Select user’s role and team(s). Choose whether to invite the new user as a Member or an Owner of the organization. Optionally, you are able to select the teams for the added member.
    Role and Team

After a user is added, note that:

  1. In the default SAML-enabled orgs, once the new user authenticates with their University NetId credentials, the U of I identity will be linked to their GitHub account.

  2. Organization membership is tied to the user's GitHub account, and not their University NetId. The University NetId is used for authentication and licensing purposes.

To understand the process that a user goes through when they are invited to be a member of a GitHub organization, see:

Removing Users from a GitHub organization

Follow the steps below to remove members from your organization:

  1. Click on the People tab of your GitHub page.
    People Tab
  2. Click the settings drop down arrow on the right side of the user that you would like to remove.
  3. Click “Remove from organization…”

    Please note: The process of removing a user's access to an organization can impact access to downstream teams and repositories. It is strongly recommended that you transfer the user’s access to a new person prior to removing the user.

How to collaborate with people who do not have a U of I login

  1. University of Illinois GitHub organizations require SAML authentication. This means users without a U of I login cannot access a university GitHub organization, but they can access repositories within an University GitHub organization as an external collaborators.

  2. Non-university users can collaborate by having their access assigned at the repository level instead of the organization level. An external or outside collaborator is a person who isn't explicitly a member of your organization, but who has Read, Write, or Admin permissions to one or more repositories in your organization. See this guide for additional instructions:

How to use GitHub teams to manage access

You can group organization members into teams to reflect your department or group's structure with inherited permissions. 

Refer to the following guide for instructions on creating teams and managing membership of those teams:

Refer to the following guide to learn how to give teams access to repositories:

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