EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Using a Web Intelligence Document as a Data Source

How and why to use a Web Intelligence document as a data source for another Web Intelligence document.

Web Intelligence documents have valuable content and metadata that you can reuse when creating documents.

When you create a document based on another document, the document used as a data source exposes the following metadata to the target document:
  • Dimensions, measures, attributes
  • Hierarchies
  • Time and geographic dimensions
  • Variables

In the query panel, you can select the objects from the source document that you want to add to the query. When running this query, the data is retrieved from the document source's cube.

To refresh the data in the source document, you must either explicitly refresh the source document or schedule the document refresh.

To create a Web Intelligence document using another Web Intelligence document, select Web Intelligence Document when selecting the data source.

Select a data source window

When the Query Panel appears, select the Result Objects and Query Filters from the list of available objects, run the query, and create the report content.

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