TeamDynamix Manager Role

This document outlines the functions and expectations of those designated as a Manager within a Group, and how it can be used. This allows a manager the ability to have more autonomy over the membership of their Groups for their unit/department. For the purpose of this document, “Manager” will refer to the TDX Role, and “manager” will refer to the individual who manages a department.

Functions of the Manager Role in TDX

The Manager role has the following functions: 

  • Remove/add users from a Group
  • Set another user to the Manager role
    • This is possible once a Manager has been established for a Group.
  • Edit the notification status for a member.
    • A status of True allows a member to receive notifications ticket creation and ticket updates.
    • A status of False disables notifications. 

How to Request the Manager Role

To request the Manager role for your unit’s groups, submit a ticket to the Global Admins via the appropriate link below. Please note that you must include the name(s) of individuals who require the Manager role.

How to Use the Manager Role

  1. Navigate to TDNext:
  1. Locate the waffle menu at the top left and select the People Application.
  1. Within the left-side pane, select Groups
  1. Search for the Group and select it. 
  1. This opens a new window from which you can add/remove users, edit notifications for those users, and set other users as a Manager


There are potential pitfalls users should be aware of that relate to Groups and the Manager role. 

  • Adding/Removing someone from a group does not provision or deprovision their TeamDynamix Access. Said access will still need to be requested via Global Admin service request.
  • Adding/Removing someone from a group does not add/remove them from any applications within TeamDynamix. Tickets assigned to the group will still be visible to the person regardless.

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