Banner Administrative Forms - System Requirements

Software requirements for accessing Banner Administrative Forms

 Supported Operating Systems
 Supported Browsers
 Java Requirements
 Other Requirements
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS X
Internet Explorer 11*
Firefox ESR 52.0.1
Java 8 (32bit)***
JNLP Connection*

* JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol) Connection does not use Java connection. 
   All browsers will work when using JNLP connection.

** Firefox no longer supports Java as of 3/2017 version 52.  Version 52.0.1 ESR supports Java Plugins.
Oracle Statement of Firefox dropping Java support

***Notice of Java 9 Release

Oracle is expected to release Java 9 for General Release on September 21st, 2017.  The current statement from Ellucian (Banner Vendor) is that Banner will not be certified for use with Java 9. They are encouraging their customers to upgrade to Banner 9 which is an entirely redeveloped web application that eliminates the use of Oracle Forms and the need for client side Java.  Oracle has removed and deprecated some functionality in Java 9 that impacts the use of the version of Oracle Forms that currently runs Banner.  

AITS is in the process of upgrading the Banner Administrative Forms to version 9 and has tentative plans to go live in the Fall of 2018.

AITS testing has confirmed that Java 9 will not run the Banner Administrative Forms. In the meantime, it’s our recommendation that departments remain on Java 8 and abstain from deploying Java 9 to their environments and make sure that Java Auto Update does not automatically update machines to Java 9.   According to Oracle, the tentative date for the end of public Java 8 updates is September of 2018.

For information on how to make changes to Java Auto Update please refer to Oracle online documentation at:

For information on how to connect to Banner using JNLP:
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What it's for:
An interface for entering and accessing university administrative data for tasks related to Human Resources, Finance, and Student Administration

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