Web Intelligence Rich Client - Login Failed

Some customers are receiving a Login Failed error when trying to access Web Intelligence.

Some customers are receiving a Login Failed error after entering their user name and password in Web Intelligence.

An error message you may receive is in Web Intelligence is "Database error:(CS) "Unable to connect to the repository".  (IES 10901) (WIS 10901)."  There are two different approaches you can try to fix this error.

Login Failed - Clear LocData Folder
If you are able to log into EDDIE and launch Web Intelligence, but unable to login directly to Web Intelligence Rich Client try the following steps:

1)  Open Documents < My SAP Business Objects Documents < LocData.
2)  Delete the files (.intranet, .extranet, .lsi files)  within the LocData folder.
3)  Launch Web Intelligence from EDDIE (required for setting the file association).   Instructions

Login Failed - Close Webi Running in the Background
If you can confirm that Web Intelligence is Disconnected and login fails, try the following steps:

1)  Go to the bottom right corner on the menu bar to view all the open programs.
2)  If the Web Intelligence icon is there, RIGHT-Click and select QUIT.
3)  Launch Web Intelligence and try to login.