FormBuilder - Error Messages - No Forms Available Error Solution

If a user or admin tries to access a form and receives the message "No Forms Available" this indicates that the form is inactive or has an end date on it that has expired.

A user tries to access a form and receives a message “No Forms Available”

This error indicates that the form has been marked as inactive, or the end date on the form has passed.

Users: If you are trying to access the form and are not a form group administrator, contact the person or group listed as the contact on the form.

Admins: Form Group Administrators can correct this error by following one of the solutions listed below, depending on which reason the message is showing.

Inactive Form Solution:

  1. To make the form Active instead of Inactive, navigate to the form dashboard and click on Edit Form Properties

  2. . dashboard - manage

  3. Make sure the Active check box is checked. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  4. active box checked

Expired Form Solution:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard and select Periods.  

  2. Periods

  3. Click Edit next to the period with the expired date. NOTE: Many times there is only one period.

  4. click edit

  5. Edit the End Date on the period to a date in the future. Or remove the End Date.  Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  6. end date

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