Enterprise Mode (Windows) - DIY Configuration of IE 11 to Run In Enterprise Mode

Customers who visit older University applications or websites may need to run them in Enterprise Mode for Windows. This document will show you how to set up your local machine. If you have a local IT group that supports your computers, consider asking them to turn on Enterprise Mode for everyone. See other documents below.

What is Enterprise Mode:

Enterprise Mode, a compatibility mode that runs on Internet Explorer 11 and allows IE 11 to emulate other older versions of Internet Explorer to avoid the common compatibility problems associated with web apps written and tested on older versions of Internet Explorer.

Applicable Use:

Enterprise Mode allows you to target specific websites that may need to run older versions of Internet Explorer.  
In order to use Enterprise Mode you will need to know three things:
  1. Do you have Administrator rights to your computer?  Are you able to install applications, make changes to your account, etc?  If so, then continue.  If not, please contact your local Campus IT Professional for assistance and show them the "See Also" link below for a more technical version of this document.

  2. Have you upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 and have applied ALL necessary patches and fixes as supplied by Microsoft?  In order to run Enterprise Mode, your computer must be up to date with all patches from Microsoft.
    NOTE: Patching may require rebooting your computer more than once for patches to take affect.

  3. What University sites may require Enterprise Mode to function correctly.
The following University Enterprise Applications require the use of Enterprise Mode:

           Travel Expense Management (travelexpense.admin.uillinois.edu)
           Tracker Electronic i9 (uillinois.trackeri9.com)
           Upside Contract (upside.apps.uillinois.edu)
           Illinois Contract System (contracts.apps.uillinois.edu)

Turning on Enterprise Mode using Windows Local Group Policy Editor:

The Windows Local Group Policy Editor allows you to make persistent changes to your computer.  The Local Policy Editor will help you turn on Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11.

  1. Click Start>>Run
    Dialog Box for Run will appear.
    Run Dialog Box
  2. Enter: gpedit.msc  into the Run dialog.
  3. Click OK.
    The Local Group Policy Editor will appear.
  4. In the left hand frame expand User Configuration>>Administrative Templates>>Windows Components>>Internet Explorer.
  5. Search the list of functions in the right hand frame and look for: Let users turn on and use Enterprise Mode from the Tools menu.
    Local Policy Editor
  6. DoubleClick the option and set to Enabled.
  7. Close Local Policy Editor.
  8. Close all open Internet Explorer 11 windows.
Activating Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11:

Now that you have activated Enterprise Mode for your computer, you will need to add your websites to the Enterprise Mode list.  
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open a University website that requires Enterprise Mode.  (see list of University websites above)
  3. Once logged into a site, Click Tools menu (may need to click Alt key on keyboard to open menus if hidden)>>Enterprise Mode.
    The site is added to your list of Enterprise Mode sites.
How do you know Enterprise Mode is on?

Once you have turned on Enterprise Mode for a site you will see the Enterprise Mode icon next to the Address bar in Internet Explorer 11.
Enteprise Mode Icon

If you have questions using this document, please feel free to reference this document and contact the AITS Service Desk at servicesdeskaits@uillinois.edu or on phone at (217) 333-3102.

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