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CA Service Desk Manager - How do you update the Ticket Status?

This training was designed for customer service analysts and will describe the functions required to perform the role of an analyst working with the Service Desk product to update tickets.

To change the status of a ticket:

1. View the ticket.

2. From the Ticket Detail window, select Activities, then Update Status

A Status Change Request window will open.


3. Use the dropdown under New Status to choose from the list of provided statuses.  

You MUST change from one status to another status in order to save comments entered in the Description field.  To add comments without a status change, use Log Comment instead.

4. Click the Save button to save your changes and return to the ticket.

     The activity is added to the Activities Tab.

Tip: You can also select the Edit button, then use the dropdown under New Status to choose from the list of provided statuses and click the Save button.

Updated Ticket Status by Manual Notification

By contacting an end user using Manual Notify, it allows end users to reply to the manual notification through the Service Desk tool. When a manual notification is sent, Service Desk updates the status automatically to “Awaiting Information”. Once an end user replies to that manual notification message, Service Desk references the ticket that needs to be updated, and updates the status automatically to “Client Updated”.

Statuses and how they are used


Used as starting status for SDM. This status means nothing has changed and ticket is considered brand new with little or no updates.


Used to mark a ticket for an Analyst to show they know the ticket exists, but have not done anything with it. Use this status when building a brand new ticket to keep escalations at bay.

In Progress

When logging a comment to a ticket this status will be automatically set.


This status will turn off all escalations temporarily. Notices for a Transfer or Assignment are not stopped.

Awaiting Information

Status is automatically set when sending a Manual Notification (email out) to a customer or other Analyst.

Client Updated

Status is automatically set when customer replies to a Manual Notification (email out) from an Analyst.

Web Updated

Status is automatically set when customer updates their own ticket online using the SDM Front End (Employee View) at


Status is set manually by Analyst and will set ticket to Auto-Close after 2 business days (16 business hours). Ticket will become inactive/Closed status after deadline is reached.


Status is set manually by Analyst or by customer when ticket is considered closed.


Status is set manually by Analyst (if needed), to show a ticket that requires additional work prior to closing.  Minimally used.

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