Bomgar - Presentation Mode

How to use Bomgar Representative Console for Presentation Mode. This tool can be used for conference call and web training purposes.

Login to Bomgar Representative Console:

Select the Present button to start the Bomgar Presentation console:

Note: pressing the black down arrow will allow users to select present mode or schedule a presentation for a future time/date.

The Bomgar Presentation window will load:
  • Select the items that you would like to allow attendees to view.
  • Click Copy Invitation URL or Email Invitation to add attendees.
  • Click the green play button to start the presentation.

When done, click the red stop button to stop sharing and the red X to stop the presentation altogether:

Note: The pencil and Monitor (Annotations) allows the presenter to annotate the screen. Ex: circle something on the screen or place a rectangle around it.

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