University Bursar - Who receives an IRS Form 1098-T?

All enrolled students with reportable transactions receive a 1098-T.

University of Illinois is required to provide a completed IRS Form 1098-T to all enrolled students for whom a reportable transaction is made, then to report those students' enrollment and summary financial data to the IRS. A reportable transaction is defined as tuition and fees a student is billed during the calendar year while enrolled in a degree program.  

The University must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) and valid address to report enrollment and financial data to the IRS.

Blue Box SSN To provide a valid a Social Security number, download the W-9S form from the IRS website, complete and return it to your campus Registrar Office. 

Urbana Office of the Registrar 
Chicago Office of the Registrar 
Blue Box Map To provide a valid mailing address, log into your student account, follow the instructions for your campus and select “Personal Information”. E-mail University Bursar at once a valid address is provided. 

Please Note: Canadian students can request tax forms TL11A or TL11D on or after January 31, 2022 by visiting:

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