University Bursar - How do I rebalance my UI-Pay Payment Plan budget?

The Payment Plan owner logs into UI-Pay and adjusts the budget.

While enrolled in the Payment Plan, your UI-Pay account balance must stay on schedule to be paid in full by end of the payment plan period. If there are additional charges or credits to your student account after you set up the payment plan, Nelnet Business Solutions will send you (and anyone you have granted Payment Plan access), an email notification to rebalance. Failure to rebalance will cause a financial hold to be placed on your UI-Pay account, preventing you from registering for future terms and receiving an official transcript and/or diploma. 

It is your responsibility to review your UI-Pay account in UI-Pay at least once per month to keep track of any changes that will affect your budget, monthly payment amount, and student account balance. Nelnet Business Solutions may reduce your scheduled monthly payment amount to match your actual student account balance.

To make adjustments, log into UI-Pay and select "Payment Plans" from the main menu.

Please note: after tuition and fees are assessed, payment plan owners can only adjust the budget to mirror the student account balance.