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1University Bursar - How can I add or update my social security number with the University?910922021-10-153140
2University Bursar - How can I get my address on the IRS Form 1098-T corrected?910912021-10-153072
3University Bursar - When and how can I access my IRS Form 1098-T?904722021-10-1553803
4University Bursar - How can I get a copy of my IRS Form 1098-T for a prior year?910952021-10-153595
5University Bursar - Who receives an IRS Form 1098-T?910812021-10-1510238
6University Bursar - What is the IRS Form 1098-T?904712021-10-155748
7University Bursar - How do I use the GAR Online Payment Center to pay an invoice?630942021-10-1110806
8University Bursar - How do I rebalance my UI-Pay Payment Plan budget?925722021-10-114781
9University Bursar - What insurance is included with a payment plan?1065972021-10-111318
10University Bursar - What if I am unable to pay my bill and leave school still owing a balance on my student account?910792021-10-112822
11University Bursar - When is my bill due?904352021-10-113879
12University Bursar - How do I get my official tuition and fee bill?904532021-10-113754
13University Bursar - What are the benefits of having an Authorized Payer?904612021-10-113576
14University Bursar - What is OnPlanU?904762021-10-113872
15University Bursar - What is the Returned Check Policy?910752021-10-112362
16University Bursar - Where can I get information regarding IRS Form 1098-E?910902021-10-112577
17University Bursar - How do I enroll in the UI-Pay Payment Plan?925602021-10-1129191
18University Bursar - How do I access my student's account as an authorized payer if I forgot my username or password?511342021-10-116028
19University Bursar - How do I pay my University bill?511352021-10-118021
20University Bursar - Why was I charged a health service fee?904642021-10-114354

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