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21University Bursar - How can I become exempt from the student health insurance?904572020-04-203125
22University Bursar - Why hasn't my financial aid posted to my student account?904582020-04-202036
23University Bursar - How do I receive my student account refund?904592020-08-312062
24University Bursar - What are the benefits of having an Authorized Payer?904612020-04-201441
25University Bursar - How do I sign up an Authorized Payer?904632020-04-201667
26University Bursar - Why was I charged a health service fee?904642020-04-202803
27University Bursar - How can I request a credit for a refundable fee?904662020-04-202040
28University Bursar - How do I get information about housing charges or meal plans?904672020-04-201412
29University Bursar - How do I reset my Enterprise password?904682020-04-201330
30University Bursar - How can I make an international payment?904692020-04-201807
31University Bursar - When are the Payment Plan enrollment deadlines?904702020-04-202036
32University Bursar - What is the IRS Form 1098-T?904712020-08-312828
33University Bursar - When and how can I access my IRS Form 1098-T?904722020-08-314609
34University Bursar - How can I find out the details of the registration fees?904732020-08-311434
35University Bursar - How can I contact University Bursar?904742020-08-071826
36University Bursar - Is there a fee for paying with a credit card?904752020-04-201437
37University Bursar - What is OnPlanU?904762020-04-202235
38University Bursar - What is the Returned Check Policy?910752020-05-261299
39University Bursar - What if I am unable to pay my bill and leave school still owing a balance on my student account?910792020-04-201497
40University Bursar - Who receives an IRS Form 1098-T?910812020-04-273632

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