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21SHIELD FAQ - What if a person tests positive, then negative, and then positive again? What should they do?1120452021-06-28915
22SHIELD FAQ - What happens if a person tests positive with covidSHIELD and then gets a nasal PCR and tests negative? Which test should they trust?1120442021-06-281128
23SHIELD FAQ - If I receive a positive test result from the covidSHIELD test, do I have to go and receive another test from another provider?1120422021-06-28859
24SHIELD FAQ - How does the covidSHIELD test know if it is a variant or the regular strain?1120412021-06-28881
25SHIELD FAQ - Are the covidSHIELD tests able to detect variants? And if so, which ones?1120402021-06-28808
26SHIELD FAQ - Will the covidSHIELD test be able to show if someone has antibodies as well as the live virus?1120382021-06-28840
27SHIELD FAQ - What day does the covidSHIELD test begin to pick up the virus after infection?1120372021-06-28825
28SHIELD FAQ - Can the covidSHIELD test catch active infection before infectiousness?1120362021-06-28775
29SHIELD FAQ - Children are known to have low viral loads, does the covidSHIELD test identify infections in children and adults with low viral loads?1120352021-06-28991
30SHIELD FAQ - Why am I asked my demographic information, including my race and date of birth?1119902021-06-28847
31SHIELD FAQ - What are the possible test results one could receive from the covidSHIELD test?1120022021-06-28872
32SHIELD FAQ - What happens if someone, including a child, cannot produce an acceptable saliva specimen?1120042021-06-28825
33SHIELD FAQ - When people drool, do the droplets stay in the air or do they disperse?1120052021-06-28708
34SHIELD FAQ - Has there been any indication of virus spread at other collection sites?1120062021-06-28753
35SHIELD FAQ - How much time should be spaced out between children testing in the same location?1120092021-06-28769
36SHIELD FAQ - Is my DNA kept or analyzed as part of this test?1120102021-06-281215
37SHIELD FAQ - How is the test specimen disposed of after testing?1120122021-06-28996
38SHIELD FAQ - Are masks required in testing locations?1120152021-06-28760
39SHIELD FAQ - Should individuals participating in sports get tested before sporting events?1120172021-06-28760
40SHIELD FAQ - What is the difference between diagnostic testing and screening?1120212021-06-28867

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