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201SHIELD FAQ - What day after infection do people usually start showing symptoms?1120272021-06-28734
202SHIELD FAQ - When does an individual start shedding the virus after infection?1120262021-06-28561
203SHIELD FAQ - Where can I find validation data which outlines sensitivity and specificity?1120292021-06-28548
204SHIELD FAQ - How reliable is the covidSHIELD test?1120282021-06-28809
2052FA - How to set default device & automatic authentication method [Campus login required]862112021-06-283
206SHIELD FAQ - What information is required to be tested?1119892021-06-28579
207SHIELD FAQ - How long will it take to receive results?1119912021-06-28720
208SHIELD FAQ - Is there anything else I should do before taking the covidSHIELD test?1119872021-06-28545
209SHIELD FAQ - What rules should I follow prior to being tested?1119862021-06-28579
210SHIELD FAQ - How much saliva does a person need to produce for a covidSHIELD test?1119852021-06-28732
211SHIELD FAQ - Is everything HIPAA compliant?1119822021-06-28572
212SHIELD FAQ - How safe are the covidSHIELD testing facilities?1119792021-06-28537
213SHIELD FAQ - What is the University of Illinois' role in the SHIELD program?1119742021-06-28727
214SHIELD FAQ - What does SHIELD stand for?1119752021-06-28713
215SHIELD FAQ - How long will it take me to go through the testing process?1119842021-06-28573
216SHIELD FAQ - How does the testing process work?1119832021-06-28667
217SHIELD FAQ - Are you testing for anything else? Drugs, alcohol, etc.?1119812021-06-28544
218SHIELD FAQ - Who can be tested?1119802021-06-28781
219SHIELD FAQ - What does it mean to be operating under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?1119772021-06-28589
220SiteMinder Request Form1031472021-06-251446

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