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481SHIELD FAQ - How is the test specimen disposed of after testing?1120122021-06-281018
482SHIELD FAQ - Where are SHIELD laboratories located?1120132021-06-281876
483SHIELD FAQ - How does the covidSHIELD test work with contact tracing?1120142021-06-281009
484SHIELD FAQ - Should individuals participating in sports get tested before sporting events?1120172021-06-28783
485SHIELD FAQ - What is the difference between diagnostic testing and screening?1120212021-06-28889
486SHIELD FAQ - What is considered outbreak testing?1120222021-06-28743
487SHIELD FAQ - What day after infection do people usually start showing symptoms?1120272021-06-28978
488SHIELD FAQ - When does an individual start shedding the virus after infection?1120262021-06-28803
489SHIELD FAQ - The positivity rate is very low in my community, why would you need to continue to test if the rate is low?1120242021-06-28731
490SHIELD FAQ - Why does testing frequently help?1120232021-06-28710
491SHIELD FAQ - Where can I find validation data which outlines sensitivity and specificity?1120292021-06-28804
492SHIELD FAQ - Why is saliva collection better than nasal swabbing for testing and collecting?1120312021-06-281127
493SHIELD FAQ - What information is required to be tested?1119892021-06-28805
494SHIELD FAQ - How long will it take to receive results?1119912021-06-28966
495SHIELD FAQ - Is there anything else I should do before taking the covidSHIELD test?1119872021-06-28774
496SHIELD FAQ - What rules should I follow prior to being tested?1119862021-06-28839
497SHIELD FAQ - Why should I not put anything in my mouth or ingest anything an hour before being tested?1119882021-06-28825
498SHIELD FAQ - Is everything HIPAA compliant?1119822021-06-28817
499SHIELD FAQ - How safe are the covidSHIELD testing facilities?1119792021-06-28787
500SHIELD FAQ - What is the University of Illinois' role in the SHIELD program?1119742021-06-281017

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