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UAFR - Monitoring Inventory Progress

Monitoring Inventory Progress
  1. Log in to Biennial Inventory.
  2. Click the Home/Status tab, if needed.
  3. Select the appropriate cycle in the View Status field.
  4. Click the View Status button.
  5. To search for a specific list, type the unit’s full or partial Organization code in the Search field.
  6. Click the View Comments (if comments have already been added) or Add Comments (if no comments exist yet) button under the Actions column to review the comments associated with a list.
    NOTE: This opens a new window. You may need to turn off pop-up blockers in your browser to see this window.
  7. Click the Add Comment button to add a comment, or skip to step 11 if you don’t want to add a comment.
  8. Type your comment in the text field.
  9. Click the Save icon.
  10. Click the Close link to close the comment window
  11. Click the up or down arrows next to any of the following columns to sort lists by:
    • Org (Chart and Organization code)
    • List Loaded
    • Unverified Items
    • Verified Items
    • Pending/Unfound Items
    • Total Items
    • Status
    • Certification Deadline
    • List Comments
    NOTE: If the arrow next to a column is a different color than the other arrows, the lists are already sorted by that column.
  12. Click the Logout link in the top right corner when you’re done.

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