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UAFR - Process a FABweb Batch Upload - New Acquisitions

This article provides step-by-step instructions to submit a new acquisitions Batch Upload in FABweb.

The FABweb Batch Upload functionality enables users to upload an Excel spreadsheet template containing information about multiple equipment items, as opposed to keying information about equipment items one by one. This minimizes data entry errors and saves time. It is important to note that family assets must be directly processed in FABweb and cannot be uploaded using the Batch Upload process.

Complete the Batch Upload Template

  1. Navigate to Equipment Management & Surplus Forms.
  2. Under the FABweb Upload Templates section, select the New Acquisitions link to download the Excel spreadsheet template.
  3. Open the New Acquisitions Excel spreadsheet template on your desktop and place your cursor in cell A2 to begin entering data into every required field. Do not edit the header row. Each equipment item should be entered into its own row.
    NOTE: Download and refer to FABweb Batch Uploads File Requirements (XLS) in order to confirm that you have completed all of the required fields with the appropriate value.
  4. Select File and Save As.
  5. Choose a location to save your file.
  6. In the Save as type list, select CSV (comma delimited).
    NOTE: On a Mac, select Windows Comma Separated.
  7. In the File name field, use this required naming convention: A_MMDDYYYY_XXX.csv
    NOTE: MM is the 2-digit month, DD is the 2-digit day, YYYY is the 4-digit year, and XXX is any 1-3 digit combination.
  8. Select Save.
    NOTE: If a pop-up window appears to confirm saving your file in CSV format, select the Yes button.

Upload the Batch Upload Template in FABweb

  1. Login to FABweb.
  2. Select the FABweb tab.
  3. Select the New Acquisition tab.
  4. Under the Upload a File section, select the Choose File button.
  5. Locate and select the file you saved in step 8 above.
  6. Select the Open button.
  7. In the Asset File field, confirm that the file name is correct and the file type is CSV.
  8. Select the Upload button.
    NOTE: A message will display stating: “Your file has been uploaded. You will receive an email once processing is complete.”
  9. When you receive the email, review it thoroughly because it will summarize the status of all the processed equipment items, and this will be the only communication sent about the status of the batch upload.
    NOTE: If any equipment items items failed to process, the email will have a spreadsheet attached, with details about the error(s), and the error report might contain multiple tabs.
  10. Correct any processing errors. For additional information, please refer to this job aid: UAFR - FABweb Batch Uploads Common Entry Errors.

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