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iBuy - Completing the PO Change Request Form

Completing the PO Change Request Form

Attention UIUC-Chart 1 users ONLY: Please request your PO Change Request by submitting a Service Request Form, and do not use this job aid.

When to Submit an iBuy PO Change Request

The iBuy PO Change Request Form creates a request and routes to your university Purchasing Department. The purpose of this form is to request a change to an existing Purchase Order which was placed using the Purchase Requisition Form or Standing Order Form.

The PO Change Request can be submitted for the following changes:

    1. Dollar amount
    2. Quantity
    3. Commodity Code
    4. New line item
    5. Product description

A PO Change Request cannot be processed in iBuy in the following situations:

    1. If the Purchase Order is from a previous Fiscal Year AND is closed in Banner.
    2. If the Purchase Order has been fully invoiced.

If multiple Purchase Orders need to have changes applied, submit one PO Change Request Form per Purchase Order.

How to Submit an iBuy PO Change Request

  1. On the iBuy homepage, under the University Forms section, click PO Change Request Form.
  2. Review the instructions and select the job aid link for more information.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Add Attachments to attach any supporting documentation regarding the change request, including but not limited to quotes and emails from the supplier; not all change requests require attachments.
  5. Click Upload on the attachments prompt that appears.
  6. Enter the document name in the Title field.
  7. Click Choose File and browse for your supporting documentation.
  8. Click Save Changes and then click Save Changes a second time to close the popup box.
  9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 to attach more than one document.
    NOTE: You will be prompted for Display Order of the attachments. If this does not matter to you, then leave at the default setting.
  10. Once the document(s) are attached, you have the option to Edit or Delete the document(s) on the Attachments page.
    NOTE: Keep in mind the attachments will also live on the requisition within the Internal Notes and Attachments section, where they can be edited and removed.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Enter the user information in the following fields on the Questions page.
    1. Name
    2. Office – Purchasing UIC–Chart 2; Purchasing UIS–Chart 4; System Purchasing–Chart 9; Purchasing UIUC–Chart 1 is not in use at this time
    3. Email Address
    4. Phone Number
    5. Purchase Order Number
  13. Enter information in the text box according to the given direction: Please provide the details of what you would like to change on your Purchase Order.
    1. Explain the details of all information that needs to be changed and for which line items.
    2. NOTE: If your explanation exceeds 2000 characters, please attach documentation explaining in detail all changes required to the Purchase Order.
    3. NOTE: Do not include changes required for more than one Purchase Order. This should be explained in a separate PO Change Request.
  14. Respond to: Has the vendor requested a copy of the revised Purchasing Order?
    1. If yes is selected, the Change Request revised PO will be sent using the same distribution method and recipient as the original PO when the PO Change Request Form has been processed by Purchasing.
  15. Click Next.
  16. The Review and Submit screen will appear. There is no action required. Click Submit.
  17. Answer the following question: Are you sure you want to submit this form?
    1. Click Yes if you are ready to submit.
    2. Click No if you need to make changes to the form before submitting.
      NOTE: If you go back into the form to make changes, make sure to click Save Progress.

    Your request will now be routed to your Purchasing Department who will then complete all necessary actions to process the PO Change Request.

    Communication After PO Change Request Submission

    If your Purchasing Department has additional questions, they will either send the form back using Return to Requisitioner with comments regarding what needs to be changed or they will use the Discussion Thread option within the form. You will receive email and system notifications if either of these features are used within the form.

    You can also recall the form by navigating to the left navigation of iBuy and clicking Orders, then My Orders, then My Procurement Requests or by clicking the link within the email or system notification.

    As a user, you also have the option of starting a Discussion Thread within the form by clicking Discussion, then Start New Thread, and entering a Subject and Message. You also have the option to Add Attachments.

    Once a Discussion Thread has been started, then the option of Reply to this Thread will be available. Date, time, and usernames will be logged within the Discussion Thread. If you use a Discussion Thread as a method of communication with your Purchasing Department, this should replace email conversations.

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