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iBuy Shopping - Shopping Methods and Tips

This article provides information on Shopping Methods and Tips on iBuy.

The roles in iBuy which have permission to shop and submit requisitions are Shopper and Requestor.

Shopping Methods

Shopping Tips


Icons used to label and identify Suppliers:

  • Punchout Catalog Vendor
  • Hosted Catalog Vendor
  • Non-Catalog Vendor
  • University Level Contract
  • Registered Diverse Supplier
  • Internal University Store
  • Registered to Email Invoice into iBuy
  • UIMC Contract Agreement
  • Potential Conflict of Interest

How to Locate a Returned Draft Cart, Activate a Draft Cart, or Delete a Draft Cart:

  1. Hover over the Shop icon.
  2. Hover over My Carts and Orders.
  3. Click View Carts.
  4. From the listing, use the Action drop-down to View/Activate or Delete the intended Draft Cart.

When you have a Draft Cart that is not ready to be submitted, and you want to start a new cart:

  1. Leave the defaulted Cart Name or customize the name so that it is easily identifiable when you are ready to submit.
  2. Hover over the Shop icon.
  3. Hover over My Carts and Orders.
  4. Click View Carts.
  5. Click Create Cart to create a new cart.
  6. Enter a Cart Name in the text box at the top or leave the default.
  7. Use the “Click here to start shopping” to return to the Shopping Showcase to proceed with a new order.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to return to a prior Draft Cart.

When you want to edit the line content of a Draft Cart before submitting:

  1. Under Supplier Details on the Shopping Cart page of the requisition, select the Purchase Requisition Form link on the line that needs to be edited.
  2. Navigate to the section of the form you need to edit by selecting the section name from the menu.
    NOTE: Much of what is editable is within the Order Details section.
  3. Edit the necessary information and select Save Progress.
  4. Select the Back to Cart link in the upper left corner of the Purchase Requisition Form.
    NOTE: Do not select Next and continue through the form because you could duplicate the line items on the order.

When you want to remove a line from a Draft Cart before submitting:

  1. On the Shopping Cart page of the requisition, place a checkmark in the box that corresponds with the line(s) to be removed.
  2. Use the Action menu across from the Item Count to select Remove Selected Items.
  3. Proceed to Checkout to complete the Draft Cart

When you are unable to find a desired product in the Punchout catalog:

  1. Contact the vendor representative using the contact information within the catalog to request a quote.
  2. Based on the functionality of the catalog, the accepted quote will be uploaded to the catalog to be selected to purchase.
    NOTE: Refer to the E-Quotes and Catalog Vendor Information job aid section for vendors who have e-quote functionality.
  3. If the vendor does not have e-quote functionality, select the Purchase Requisition Form from the University Forms list.
    NOTE: Refer to the iBuy - Completing the Purchase Requisition Form job aid under Requisition Creation. It is recommended to attach the quote provided in PDF format as an External Attachment to the requisition to support the content entered on the order.

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