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iBuy - Completing the PO Special Payment Request Form

The iBuy Purchase Order Special Payment Request (SPR) Form is used for iBuy purchase orders only.

If a unit has a Banner purchase order, the unit should continue to use the SPR Form found on the Special Payment Request page of the OBFS website under the Purchase Order Invoices heading.

The SPR Form is used to request:

  • Prepayment or deposit when the prepayment is part of the terms and pricing negotiated by Purchasing. A prepayment requires a separate commodity line on the purchase order (PO).
  • Payment for protected information invoices which contain confidential information that is restricted by HIPAA, VESA or FERPA regulations. A summary billing page showing the total amount due must be submitted with the SPR Form.
  • Payment using a summary page for large, multi-page invoices (over 50 pages), such as hotel or communication invoices. The summary invoice page, with the payment amount due, must be submitted with the SPR Form.
    The original detailed billing for both protected and summary invoices must be retained in department files for 5 years and available for audit review. Add a note in the Special Instructions field that the substantiating documentation is being retained in the unit; including this notation will prevent payment delays.
  • Recurring payments for repetitively scheduled payments such as rents, leases, or janitorial payments. Recurring payments must be for the same dollar amount and interval between payments, and they cannot cross fiscal years. Once recurring payments are established, vendor invoices should not be submitted to the University.
  • Check pick-up by the department or other authorized person. A valid business purpose is required.

Important Notes:

  • Special payment requests must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to the payment due date.
  • Incomplete SPR Forms or SPR Forms without back-up documentation (such as, vendor’s estimate, quote, invoice, banquet event order, contract, etc.) will be returned to the unit.
  • Based upon your responses to the questions within the SPR Form, you will be prompted to answer and provide more details.

The SPR Form should not be used:

  • For non-PO payments
  • For normal daily payment processing
  • For same-day or expedited payments
  • To combine multiple vendor invoices into one transaction

Submit a Purchase Order Special Payment Request (SPR) Form in iBuy

  1. On the iBuy homepage under the University Forms section, click Purchase Order Special Payment Request.
  2. Review the instructions and click the job aid link for more information.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select your university location.
    System Offices (Chart 9) should select Urbana.
  5. Select the Reason for the special payment request.
  6. Select Check Pickup or Check mailed to vendor in the drop-down menu.
    1. When selecting Check Pickup, the following fields need to be completed:
      1. Pick-up Location
      2. Pick up Contact Name and Phone Number
      3. Business Justification for pickup
  7. Enter the complete Vendor Name as it appears in Banner.
  8. Enter the Banner Vendor Number (@ number).
  9. Enter the Banner Vendor Address and Sequence (BR address).
    NOTE: Click on the Banner Vendor ID and Address Query hyperlink to view the job aid for selecting the correct vendor and BR address.
  10. Enter the Vendor Invoice Number.
    NOTE: If unavailable, enter an identifying number (up to 15 characters) which the vendor would recognize when payment is received.
  11. Enter the vendor Invoice Date.
  12. Enter the Amount to be paid.
  13. Enter the PO Number.
    Requisition numbers are not accepted.
  14. Enter any Special Instructions needed to assist UPAY in processing the payment, including information regarding summary or protected information invoices.
  15. Enter the Unit Contact Name.
  16. Enter the Unit Contact Phone number (all digits, including the area code).
  17. Enter the Unit Contact Email.
  18. Click the Upload button to attach all back-up documentation (invoice, quote, estimate, etc.) to the SPR Form.
    SPR Forms without back-up documentation will be returned to the unit.
    1. Click the Browse button to add the documentation to the form.
    2. Enter a Title (name) for the documentation.
    3. Click Save Changes.
  19. Click Next.
  20. Click Submit.
  21. Click Yes.

Communication After PO Special Payment Request Submission

The Unit Contact will receive an automated email that the request has been submitted and is awaiting approval. The Unit Contact will receive another automated email once the SPR Form has been reviewed and the payment has been completed in iBuy.

To view the status of a submitted SPR Form within iBuy, go to Orders > My Orders > My Procurement Requests.

If University Payables has additional questions, they will either send the SPR Form back using Return to Requestor with comments regarding what needs to be changed or they will use the Discussion Thread option within the form. You will receive email and system notifications if either of these features are used within the form.

The unit also has the option of starting a Discussion Thread within the SPR Form by clicking Discussion, then Start New Thread, and entering a Subject and Message. The unit also has the option to Add Attachments and add Notification recipients to the Discussion Thread.

Once a Discussion has been started, then the option of Reply to this Thread will be available. Date, time, and usernames will be logged within the Discussion Thread. If you use a Discussion Thread as a method of communication, this should replace email conversations outside of iBuy because this method creates a transaction history of the SPR Form.

For assistance, please contact University Payables.

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