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Contracts+ Comptroller Delegate Creating a Signatures Block

Creating a Signatures Block
  1. Using a blank sheet of paper and a black pen, sign a signature of the Comptroller’s name and a signature of your own name.
  2. Take a photo or scan the signatures and save them to your computer.
  3. Open the Signature Block Template document using Microsoft Word.
  4. Replace “[Printed Name, Title of Comptroller Delegate]” on the last line with your name and title.
  5. On the Insert tab, click Pictures.
  6. Select to insert picture from This Device….
  7. Select the photo of the signatures from step 1.
  8. Click Insert.
  9. With the picture already selected, go to the Picture Format tab and select Crop to crop the photo to just show the Comptroller signature.
  10. On the Picture Format tab, click Color in the Adjust section.
  11. Select the Black and White: 25% option to convert the image to black and white.
  12. On the Picture Format tab, click Wrap Text in the Arrange section.
  13. Select Behind Text.
  14. Resize and reposition the signature to fit on the signature line.
  15. Repeat steps 5 to 14 for the signature of your name.
  16. Move your cursor to the end of the document, and then press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.
  17. Open Microsoft Paint.
  18. Paste the screenshot you took in step 16.
  19. Press the Esc key to deselect the image.
  20. Click the Select tool in the toolbar at the top of the program window.
  21. Select the portion of the image you want to crop using the Select tool.
  22. Once selected, right-click with the mouse anywhere in the image selection and select Crop.
  23. Save the image of the signature block, and then select this image when prompted to create your signature in Contracts+/Adobe Sign.

Signing a Contract in Adobe Sign for University Comptroller Signature Delegates

Individuals who are approving an eSignature contract in Adobe Sign will receive an email from Adobe Sign letting them know that they have a contract that needs their review and signature. The Comptroller Signature Delegate will receive an email from Adobe Sign with the subject "[user account] Has Sent You [name of contract] to Sign".

  1. In the email, click the link "Click here to review and sign [contract name]". The document opens in Adobe Sign in your browser window. Directions and signature field placeholders are highlighted in yellow.
  2. Sign the contract or choose an option from the Alternative Actions menu in the top left corner of the screen.

To Sign the Contract:

  1. Click Start on the left side of the page to take you to the first signature field.
  2. Click the signature field, and a box will open on the screen.
  3. At the top of the box, select the Image tab.
  4. Click Select Image in the middle of the box, navigate to the location where your signature block image is saved, and click on the image file – your signature block image will now appear in the middle of the box.
  5. Type your name in the text box in the lower-left corner of the box that says Enter your name.
  6. Click Apply, and your signature block image will appear on the contract.
  7. When all signature fields have been completed, select the Click to Sign button displayed on the bottom right corner of the document. The information is sent back to the contract in JAGGAER Indirect. The contract will move out of workflow to a finished state, and the signer's status on the eSignature page will indicate Completed (signed).
  8. You will receive an email indicating that the request is completed. The email also contains a link to the completed document.

Alternative Actions:

    • I will not sign - A window opens where approvers enter a message indicating why they will not sign and click Decline. The contract will display an error on the Out for Signature step and the contract manager can see in the History that the signer declined to sign.
    • Clear document data - This clears any signatures or data entered in eSignature placeholder fields. Clicking Clear will clear all values entered and return the document to the state when the approver first opened it.

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