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UPAY - Banner Vendor ID and Address Query

UPAY - Banner Vendor ID and Address Query

The Vendor Maintenance (FTMVEND) page allows you to determine if a vendor is currently established in Banner. Search for a vendor using the vendor's full or partial ID number or the vendor’s full or partial name.

FTMVEND displays vendor information for the vendor name or ID that you queried. Use FTMVEND to view a vendor's address, start date, tax status, and last vendor activity date with additional information.

Search for a Vendor Using FTMVEND/FTIIDEN

  1. Type FTMVEND in the Search field, and press ENTER.
  2. Click Search next to the Vendor field.
    NOTE: This opens the Entity Name/ID Search (FTIIDEN) page.
  3. Enter your search criteria.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Click the appropriate ID in the query to highlight it.
    NOTE: If you do not locate an ID for your vendor, a Vendor Information Form will be required (available from the Vendor Payment Forms page.)
  6. Review the Vendors column to determine if the ID is for an active vendor.
    1. Yes means the ID is for an active vendor.
    2. No means the ID has never been active as a vendor. A Vendor Information Form is required, unless the ID is for a current student or employee (as indicated by the iCard system).
    3. Terminated indicates that the ID was active as a vendor at one time, but the ID has been terminated.
  7. Double-click the appropriate vendor name to go back to FTMVEND.
  8. Click Go.
  9. Click Next Section to move through each tab.
    1. OR - Click a specific tab to view that information.
    2. OR - Select the Related menu to choose the information you want to view.
      NOTE: A checkmark in the Vendor box on the Vendor Maintenance tab indicates there may be additional information, if the ID has been terminated or if an address you wish to use has been inactivated. Select Text (FOATEXT) from the Related menu to determine if the ID can be activated with a new Vendor Information Form, or if the ID was terminated and replaced by another ID. You can also check the Vendor Name field to see if there is a replacement ID.
  10. Click the Close button to return to the main menu.

Search for a Vendor Address Type and Sequence

  1. Type FTMVEND in the Search field.
  2. Press ENTER.
  3. In the Vendor field, type the vendor ID number.
  4. Click Go.
    NOTE: The ID must be active to be used. See the instructions above to determine if an ID is active.
  5. Click the Address tab.
  6. Find the correct Address Type and Sequence Number. You may need to scroll down using the scroll bar on the right.
    1. The Address Type and Sequence Number must be active. If the Inactivate Address box is checked, the address cannot be used.
    2. Payments made to companies or individuals who are not current University of Illinois employees or students may only use the BR Address Type.
    3. Payments made to current University of Illinois employees or students may use an address that has been verified by University Payables; BP, BR, BU, MA, or PR.
    4. Vendors not found in Banner must be added through the Vendor Information Form unless they meet the criteria to be processed as a TEMP Vendor. The criteria for TEMP Vendors can be found on the Vendor Setup and Update page.
    5. If you do not see the correct address, you must request to have the address added.
  7. To have an address updated on an existing vendor ID, either:
    1. Submit a copy of an invoice/quote showing the requested address to In the body of the email, provide the vendor ID, vendor name, and indicate if you want a payment address or a purchase order address added.
      1. NOTE: This process is only for updates to entities. Individuals who are not current students or current employees must complete a new Vendor Information Form to have their address updated.
      2. NOTE: We must have a current (within two years) Vendor Information Form on file. You can locate the last Vendor Information Form receipt date by looking at the Status Date field on the Additional Information tab in FTMVEND. If the field is blank, it has been over two years since a Vendor Information Form was received, and a new form will be required.
    2. OR Have the vendor complete a new Vendor Information Form.
  8. Click the Close button to return to the main menu.

For more information on establishing and maintaining vendor profiles in Banner, see the Vendor Setup and Update page.

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