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The University of Illinois System is retiring Skype for Business on Friday, July 14th, 2023. Microsoft Teams will replace Skype as the new phone communication tool available through Office 365. Microsoft Teams offers all the basic features of Skype, but with several additional features that will help you to increase communication and collaboration. These training materials could help you get started and provide you with new tips and tricks to improve your efficiency!

Microsoft Teams Training Videos and Job Aids

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Frequently Asked Question

As the transition starts in July, answers to frequently asked questions will be posted here.

Can I still use Zoom for meetings?

Yes. Skype for Business is being retired, but Zoom is still available for users.

Will my contacts migrate over to MS Teams from Skype?

Yes. As long as you have logged into your MS Teams application at least one time before the migration, your contacts and contact groups should migrate to MS Teams.

Will my chat history from Skype migrate to MS Teams?

No. If you save your Skype conversation history now, it will remain accessible in your conversation history folder in Outlook. However, chats currently in Skype will not migrate to MS Teams.

Will my call forwarding that I set up in Skype migrate to MS Teams?

No. If you currently have selected to forward or delegate calls in your Skype application, that will not migrate to MS Teams. You will need to set up that call forwarding or delegate selection in your MS Teams application.

Will my phone or headset still work?

Most USB devices like headsets or speakerphones should work with MS Teams. Most newer hand-held phones purchased recently will likely work, but you can contact the System Office IT Support team to confirm or get assistance with any updates needed for the migration by using this form:

Will Skype be removed from my computer during the migration to MS Teams?

Not yet. Skype will be removed with a System Office wide Office update from our IT End Services team that will be pushed out at the end of July or the beginning of August to mitigate any issues for fiscal year-end activities. You can stop Skype from auto-starting by following the steps in this KB article until it is removed.

Is there training on how to use MS Teams?

Yes. There are a lot of training opportunities available. There are instructional vides on this resource page and you can register for live training through the Webstore.

What if I have issues with my phone/calling working correctly after the MS Teams migration?

You can contact the Technology Services Help Desk at or create a Tech Request with questions or for further support.


Contact and Resources

For more information and helpful resources about MS Teams, System Office employees can refer to Microsoft Teams - Technology Services (UIUC). For MS Teams Help, contact the Technology Services Help Desk at or create a Tech Request with questions or for further support.


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