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Internal Controls - Search Access by Employee

This document serves as a valuable resource for Unit Security Contacts (USCs) by providing directions on how to access and download reports from the Security Application (Sec App). These reports contain essential information regarding system profiles held by employees within your unit or college. They play a crucial role in assisting business managers and finance staff in evaluating and enhancing the internal controls of their respective units or colleges.

The reports provide user information for the Account Owner and detail the names of the profiles associated with the Account Owner. Additionally, these reports provide valuable context by specifying the module and increment in which each profile is housed within the Sec App. This level of detail aids in precisely identifying and understanding the profiles' functions and access privileges.

  1. Log in to .
  2. On the Sec App home screen, select the Search Account Owner(s) Access link.
  3. Enter the UIN of the employee for whom you need to view a list of system profiles.
  4. Select the Add UIN button.
  5. From the Search Access dropdown, select Profiles.
  6. Select the Search button.
  7. To export this list of profiles, click the Excel or CSV buttons at the top left of the list of profiles.

Similar reports that show different types of profiles and data can be exported from the Sec App by using different options within the Search Access dropdown.

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