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JDXpert - UIUC Training Modules

This article contains the three training modules that are required to be completed to receive access to JDXpert. Please read the text thoroughly and watch all videos.

Module 1: JDXpert Overview


JDXpert is intended to be the starting point for any process potentially requiring a job description (or parallel information).

Functions in JDXpert include:

  • Job Description creation/revision
    • Job description audits, appoints changes, pay change requests, vacancies and refilling positions
  • Ad hoc budget approval (Hiring Request Form)
  • Employee job description acknowledgments

System Overview - Key Features

  • Accessed through Single Sign On
  • Job description library - taking collaboration to a whole new level
  • Electronic job description acknowledgments
    • Initiated by IHR, sent to new employee via email
    • Stored and viewable in system
  • Workflows
    • Guided Process
    • Includes set approval, as well as ability to set ad hoc reviews
    • Workflows can be based upon job descriptions found in the library - fields will come pre-populated to the workflow
  • Integrations - user records and select fields updated from Banner

System Overview - User Types

  • Employee - basic user type, accesses the system to view and acknowledge job description
  • Department HR User
    • Workflow initiators in departments and colleges on campus
    • Access to workflows, job description library, and history of previously initiated workflows
  • Central HR User
    • Same access as Department HR User, plus some additional access to view and troubleshoot user issues
  • System Admin - highest access level for HRIS team to support system

Training Videos - System Overview

Please click on the links below to watch a series of videos that dive deeper into the navigation of the JDXpert Home Page

JDXpert Home Page Origination

Job Description Library

My Job Tasks

Module 2: JDXpert Workflow Initiation

In this module, you will learn about the following:

  • Key features of workflows in JDXpert
  • How to start a workflow
  • How to choose a workflow and define workflow approvers
  • How to access your unit's shared group account (impersonations)
    • Impersonations can also be utilized by surrogates who have been designated by senior administrators, and others, to approve workflows on their behalf
    • If you would like to utilize a shared group email in JDXpert, or need the ability to act as a surrogate approver, please contact

Workflow Overview - Key Features

  • Workflows are a guided, self-contained method to complete job descriptions for staff hiring, promotions, and periodic review. Faculty hiring and promotion requests are also in JDXpert.
    • Includes set approval, as well as ability to set ad hoc reviewers
    • Workflows can be based upon job descriptions found in the library - fields will come pre-populated to the workflow
    • Salary approval for offers which currently receive a central HR review will be obtained during the workflow approval, eliminating the need to request salary approval at time of offer
    • Hiring request form is now an intrinsic part of the JDXpert workflow, if needed, rather than a stand-alone form

Training Videos - Workflow Overview

Starting a Workflow

Choosing a workflow and defining approvers

How to access group mail boxes (impersonations)

Module 3: JDXpert Workflow Overview

In this module, you will learn about the following:

  • How to navigate the workflow screen
  • Key features of the workflow screen
  • The different tabs involved in completing a workflow
    • Note: not all tabs are used in every workflow
  • How to approve and reject workflows

Training Videos - Workflow Overview

Workflow Overview Part I

Workflow Overview Part II

Workflow Overview Part III

Workflow Tabs

Additional Workflow Tabs (Proposed Appointee and Off Cycle Pay Changes)

Approving or Rejecting a Workflow

If you accessed this training from Ability LMS, please close this window to return to the UIUC JDXpert course homepage. To complete the training requirement, you must click the Sign-Off button on the course homepage to verify that you have completed this training.

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