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Purchasing - Tolerance Override Process

This article provides step-by-step instructions on the tolerance override process.
  1. Enter FPARCVD in the Search field and press ENTER to open Receiving Goods.
  2. Enter NEXT for the next available Banner receipt number.
  3. Select the Go button to advance to the Receiving Header section.
  4. Double-click in the Receiving Method (optional) field and select from the list. To select an item, double-click the item or select to highlight it and then select the OK button.
  5. To enter Receiving Text (optional) select FOATEXT from the Related menu. Enter text with the date and your initials. Select the Save and Exit buttons and the Receiving Text box will be checked.
  6. Select a Carrier (optional).
  7. Today’s date defaults in the Date Received field. To select a date, select the Calendar button and select a date from the displayed calendar or enter dd-mmm-yyyy and then press TAB.
  8. Select the Next Section button to advance to the Packing Slip section.
  9. Enter the Packing Slip (required) number for the shipment received.
  10. Select the Next Section button to advance to the Purchase Order section.
  11. Enter the Purchase Order number and press TAB to populate the Buyer and Vendor fields.
  12. Select one of these options from Tools menu:
    1. Receive all Purchase Order items
    2. Select Purchase Order Items (FPCRCVP) (if there is more than one item on the PO or you only want to receive a partial shipment)
      1. Select Add Item for each item you need to receive.
      2. Select the Save, Exit, and Yes buttons to close the page.
  13. Select the Next Section button to advance to the Commodity section.
  14. TAB to the FOB Code (optional) field and press F9 to open the FOB Code List (FTVFOBS).
  15. Press the DOWN ARROW to highlight the FOB for this receipt.
  16. Select OK or double-click the value to return it to the FOB Code field.
  17. Verify the Final Received box. Check Final Received only if this is the last receipt for this commodity.
  18. Enter the quantity received in the Current Received field and press TAB.
  19. Press the DOWN ARROW to access the next commodity, if there is more than one commodity being received.
  20. Repeat steps 14 through 19 for all remaining commodities.
  21. Select the Next Section button to advance to the Completion section.
  22. Select the Complete button.
  23. The system displays a warning message “WARNING: Total accepted quantity is greater than the allowable limit.”
  24. Select the Tolerance Override check box for each commodity you have over-received.
  25. Select the Next Section button.
  26. Select the Complete button to complete the receiving document.
  27. Select the Close button to return to the main menu.

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