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System HR - Performance Appraisal System Walk Thru

Performance Appraisal System Walk Thru

Employee Begins the Appraisal Process:

  • Employee Logs into the system and clicks “Start My Appraisal”.
  • Start and End Date
    • Start Date defaults to the academic year or the start date reflects the first applicable date since the employee’s last appraisal.  This can be edited, but must be 1 day after the last appraisal.
    • End Date defaults and should remain as 8/15/20XX (the end date of the applicable academic year) unless the employee is leaving prior to this date.
  • Describe your primary accomplishments during the performance review period.
  • Describe any challenges you encountered during the performance review period.
  • Last Year’s Goals populate.  If the employee did not have a previous appraisal in the system = not applicable
    • Type in the result for each goal.
  • Employee to type in a minimum of 2 goals for the next academic year with projected timeline.
  • Appraisal is sent to supervisor, supervisor receives an email.


  • Supervisor logs into the system and clicks “My Unit Appraisals”, supervisor will see employee’s appraisal is ready.
  • Supervisor will be able to view the employee’s started appraisal: Accomplishments, Challenges, Previous Goals/Results, and Next Year’s Goals.
  • Describe the employee’s primary strengths/talents and provide examples.  Identify the top two to three skills that are critical for this position and describe how the employee demonstrated these competencies.
  • Document and agree on opportunities where the supervisor will assist the employee in fulfilling priorities and goals over the next year.
  • Describe areas for professional development and growth that the employee should focus on over the next year.
  • Rating:  Overall how well did the employee meet the expectations of the role and responsibilities over the last year (select one)?  (Partially Successful & Unsuccessful will have an additional text box for documenting how to assist the employee in becoming successful).
  • The appraisal routes back to the employee for review, employee receives an email.


  • The employee can review and edit (reopen and start again).
  • Or, the employee can review, type optional comments, and then complete/acknowledged the appraisal.  The appraisal is sent back to the supervisor, supervisor receives an email.


  • The supervisor can review the appraisal, see the comments, and then acknowledge the appraisal and the appraisal is then closed.  Employee and supervisor receive an email.


  • The manager of the supervisor will be able to view this appraisal once closed under “My Unit Appraisals”.

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