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UPB - Request a Pay Loan

You can request a pay loan for an eligible employee who cannot be paid because of specific approved situations.

A pay loan may be requested for eligible employees who will not get paid on the current scheduled pay date and a payroll adjustment cannot be submitted due to:

  • Delayed new hire processing and job set-up, or
  • Job changes not completed in Banner

Pay loans will not be approved for:

  • Employees with an active job in Banner—please submit a Prior Underpayment Adjustment (PUA) in PARIS
  • Terminal vacation and sick leave payouts
  • Payroll for future pay periods

Eligible employees are:

  • Civil Service, Academic Professional, and Faculty
  • Eligible nonresident alien employees with a TCN or SSN

NOTE: Extra Help and Student Employees are not eligible for a pay loan due to the length of appointments and sporadic schedules. Exceptions must be approved by the Senior Director/designee of University Payroll & Benefits.


  • Units may request an advance equaling 60% of the gross wages or earnings that are delayed.
  • HR Front End (HRFE) transaction must be started but not yet applied to Banner.
  • Employee must be eligible (see above).
  • Unit will submit a Prior Underpayment Adjustment (PUA) in PARIS once the job is available.
  • The pay loan amount will be deducted in full from the payroll adjustment for missed pay and any future salary or wage payments, if necessary.
  • If the amount cannot be re-captured from the employee’s future salary or wages, UPB will charge the unit/department the advanced amount plus taxes or other required withholding.


To request a pay loan, the unit must complete the steps below:

Provide the Required Documents

  1. Complete the Request for Pay Loan Form.
    1. Download and complete the form with the employee
    2. Save entries and print the form, or send for electronic signature
    3. Print form and obtain signatures agreeing to the terms
    4. Send form to employee for electronic signature (use Adobe Sign)
    5. Save the signed form for upload into Chrome River.
  1. Supply HRFE support documentation.
    1. Take a screen print of the HRFE transaction including job details for each position you are requesting to be advance.
    2. Save as a file(s) for upload into Chrome River. 

Submit an Expedited Payment Request in Chrome River

Approved pay loans (EPRs) will be issued at 3:30 p.m. the business day following submission of the Chrome River transaction.

  1. Log in to Chrome River. Select the +Create icon in the Invoice ribbon.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    1. Vender Name: begin typing and select the employee’s name from the list.
    2. Invoice Number: type Pay Loan [yyyy]
    3. Invoice Date: select the date from the signed pay loan request form.
    4. Invoice Amount: enter the total amount of the pay loan.
  1. Complete the Invoice Detail section.

In the Business Purpose field, type Payroll loan for [pay period and reason]

  1. Complete the Special Handling section.
    1. Expand the Special Handling section.
    2. Handling Options: choose the Expedited Payment Request option.
    3. Special Handling Instructions: type Payroll Loan, employee did not receive paycheck.
  1. Add the attachments.
    1. From the Attachments menu, select the Browse File button.
    2. Locate and select each file to upload, then click the Attach button:
      • Request for Pay Loan Form with signatures
      • Screen print of HRFE Transaction Page including Job Details
    1. In the Extract Data form, select the Skip button.
  1. Select the Add Expense button.
    1. In the Account Code field, begin typing and select 53039 – Pay Loan Request
    2. In the Service Start Date field, select the beginning date of the pay period.
    3. In the Service End Date field, select the last date of the pay period.
    4. In the Allocation field, begin typing and select 900608-374001-105003
    5. Select the Save button.
  1. Select the Submit button and choose Approve.

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