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Bursar - Establish Banner AR C-FOAPALs

This job aid describes the process to establish Banner AR C-FOAPALS.
  1. Determine whether appropriate C-FOAPAL(s) already exist or need to be created for each type of anticipated receivable transaction.
    • If new C-FOAPAL(s) need to be created, see Accounting & Financial Reporting Forms Banner FOAPAL and/or contact University Accounting and Financial Reporting (UAFR) at 217-333-4568 for assistance.
  2. Determine if Detail Codes exist by using Detail Code Crosswalk at
    • If Detail Codes do not exist, submit request at Detail Code Request Form
  3. Complete and submit the University Bursar Detail Code Request Form for each type of charge as follows:
    • Line A:
      1. Chart: Your unit’s Chart code (Chart will always be the same for lines A and B).
      2. Fund: Typical Fund types used on charge Detail codes are as follows (the Fund will always be the same for lines A and B on charge Detail codes):
        • University Income Fund Receipts (1Z)
        • Student Deposits and Other (2N)
        • Auxiliary Enterprises not under Indenture (3J)
        • Auxiliary Enterprises under Indenture (3M)
        • Departmental Activities (3Q)
        • Agency – Other (9D)
      3. Account:
        • 53100 for General Accounts Receivable (GAR)
        • 53101 for Student Accounts Receivable (SAR)
    • Line B:
      1. Chart: Same as Chart used in Line A.
      2. Fund: Same as Fund used in Line A.
      3. Account: Typical Account types used on charge Detail codes are a revenue Account (3#####) or a liability Account such as 61800 for deposits into a deposit or self-supporting Fund.
    • NOTE: While each Detail code is linked to a unique C-FOAPAL, a C-FOAPAL can be linked to multiple Detail codes to allow greater reporting flexibility.
  4. Upon submission the Detail Code Request Form is automatically routed to University Bursar for Accounting Level 1 review and approval.  When approval is complete the Form is forwarded to UAFR for Accounting Level 2 review and approval.
  5. Upon approval by UAFR, an automatic email notification of the new Detail code indicating that the code is available for use is sent to you and University Bursar.

NOTE: The Detail Code Request Form is also used for maintenance of existing Detail codes.

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