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UPB - Entering Your Time for Students, Graduate Hourly, Academic Hourly, and Extra Help Employees

This article provides step-by-step instructions for hourly paid employees in non-status appointments on how to enter time in Web Time Entry 9x.

Hourly employees in non-status appointments do not have a set work schedule associated with their job record since they may be scheduled to work on an as-needed basis. Employee classifications that fall into this category are extra help, student, graduate hourly, and academic hourly. If their work hours are not entered in a timesheet and submitted for review and approval, the employee will not be paid on pay day.

Start your timesheet.

  1. Log in to the Employee Dashboard.
  2. Select the Enter Time button.
    NOTE: The timesheet will default to the current pay period.
  3. Select the Start Timesheet. An empty work schedule displays.

Add earnings.

  1. Select a day to enter time.
  2. Input the number of hours worked in the Hours field for the defaulted Regular Pay earn code.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Repeat steps 4-6 for each day worked.
    NOTE: Select the right carousel arrow in the schedule to advance to the next week.

Add any overtime worked.

  1. Select the day of the pay period to record overtime.
  2. Select Add Earn Code (in the middle of the screen below the work schedule).
  3. Choose the Time & Half Overtime earn code from the list in the Earn Code field.
  4. Enter the number of overtime hours in the Hours field.
  5. Select the Save button.

Submit the timesheet.

  1. Select the Preview button (lower right). Review the rows in the Time Entry Detail and Summary sections to verify correct entry.
  2. Select the Submit button.

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