FABweb Update Existing Assets - Update Multiple Assets: Batch Upload File

This article provides step-by-step instructions for using the FABweb Update Existing Assets functionality.

Purpose for Updating Existing Records

It is important to update record attributes throughout the equipment management lifecycle. Updates should be made when any information for the equipment record changes. Some common reasons for these updates are:

  • An asset in your department moves to a different location within your unit.
  • The custodian or equipment manager for an item has changed.
  • Updates submitted in FABweb are made in real-time in Banner.

Requirements for Updating Existing Records

For access to update an existing equipment record, the following is required:

  • Item must be on the Unit Rep’s list for assigned orgs.
  • Item must have a physical or virtual PTag assigned.
  • Item must not be disposed of or canceled.

In addition to this job aid, there are two other functions of the FABweb system that may be helpful to you:

Screenshot of the Update Multiple Assets feature

Update Multiple Assets: Batch Upload File

This functionality allows users to:

  • Make unique attribute changes across many assets.
  • Use a prefilled spreadsheet obtained from the “Update Multiple Assets” tool.
  • Use a separate blank spreadsheet for Batch Updates.

The following job aids are useful for successfully completing this process:

The following headers representing FABweb attributes are available on the Batch Upload spreadsheet. (* indicates a required field):

NOTE: Records that are locked or part of a Family cannot be updated using the Batch Update method.

  • *TransNum
  • OTag
  • *PTag
  • COAResp
  • OrganizationCodeResp
  • Location
  • Custodian
  • Equip Mgr
  • Condition
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial Nbr\VIN
  • Part Nbr
  • Vehicle Tag
  • Description
  • In-Service Date
  1. Using the blank template or a spreadsheet of assets downloaded using the View Multiple Assets section, manually fill out the required data and the attributes that need to be updated.
    1. BULLET (indent under 1): Use the FABweb Batch Uploads File Requirements spreadsheet, third tab for updates.
  2. Save the file on the computer using the correct naming convention. This is explained in the file requirements spreadsheet. The file MUST be saved as a CSV file.
  3. Select Choose File, then choose the location of the file to upload from the computer you are using.
  4. Once the file is selected, the beginning of the file name can be seen next to the Choose File button.
  5. Select Upload to submit the batch file.
    1. BULLET (indent under 5): Any error or success messages will be displayed at the top of the page. Once the file is accepted for processing, you will receive an email once processing is complete. The email will contain information showing what files were attempted for update and which ones were successful.
    2. BULLET: If there were files in the batch upload that were not updated, an email will be received by the person who submitted it, showing the number of files submitted and what was successful. Additionally, an attached file to the email will display the specific error for the line that failed to update. The failed updates can be corrected and resubmitted.

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