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Purchasing – Creating a Requisition with Line Level Accounting

This article provides step-by-step instructions on creating a requisition with line level accounting.
  1. Type "FZAREQN" in the Search field and press ENTER
  2. Choose from the following:
    1. For a new requisition, type "NEXT" in the Requisition box and select Go.
    2. To finish an in-process requisition, type the requisition number or select Search and then select Filter and enter the search criteria and select Go. Select the requisition number of the in-process requisition that you want to finish.
    3. To copy a requisition or Purchase Order (PO), select Copy and type the requisition or PO number and select the Go button.
  3. Press TAB and fill in the Transaction Date field.
  4. Press TAB and fill in the Delivery Date field.
  5. Press TAB and fill in the Comments field (optional) – use to document "bid item," "sole source," or "fixed asset."
  6. You must uncheck the Document Level Accounting box.
  7. Press TAB through the rest of the fields, editing as needed.
  8. Change the information in the Attention To field, if necessary.
  9. Select the Next Section button.
  10. Type the vendor number or select the Search button, then select Entity Name/ID Search and query on the vendor.
    NOTE: If a PO hold has been placed on a vendor profile, a Banner (*ERROR*) message will appear. The purchase requisition may be submitted and approved, but the transaction will not be completed until the review process has been completed by the Purchasing Division. Continue completing the requisition by selecting the OK button, if desired.
    NOTE: Optional: Select a different BP Address Type by selecting the Search button, if needed.
  11. Press TAB through the rest of the fields to make any necessary changes.
  12. Select the Next Section button.
    NOTE: You must be sure the Document Level Accounting box is unchecked before entering any line-item information.
  13. Type a Commodity code for the item of purchase or select the Search button to find the code.
  14. Delete the default Commodity code description and enter the vendor’s catalog number with a brief description of what you are purchasing.
    NOTE: No more than 35 characters. Use upper and lower case text.
  15. Press TAB and fill out the U/M, Quantity, and Unit Price fields.
  16. Press TAB to calculate the Extended Amount.
  17. To add Item Text:
    1. Select Related.
    2. Select Item Text.
    3. Select Go.
    4. Type a description of the item to be purchased in the Text field (only 50 char/line).
  18. Select Save and Close when complete.
  19. Select the Next Section button to enter a FOAPAL for that line item or use the Search button for FOAPAL codes as needed.
  20. To allocate how much of the line will be charged to a particular FOAPAL, choose from the following:
    1. Press TAB to move to the Extended Amount percentage box, select it, and type a percentage in the Extended field.
    2. Press TAB to move to the USD field and type the dollar amount.
  21. If you are purchasing more items, select the Previous Section button and repeat steps 15-20 for each line item.
  22. To complete Procurement Text Entry (FOAPOXT)
    1. Select Related.
    2. Select Document Text.
    3. Select the Go button.
    4. Enter the requisition information for the buyer in the Text field (e.g., attachment is being sent via fax).
    5. Select the Save button.
    6. Select the Close button.
  23. Optional: If you have additional items and need to insert additional lines, select the Insert button and repeat steps 15-20.
  24. Select the Next Section button.
  25. Verify the Status fields display "BALANCED."
  26. Record the requisition number for your records (first field).
  27. Select the Complete button if you are finished with the requisition or select the In Process button to save and complete later.
  28. Select the Close button to return to the main menu.

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